November 2nd, 2010 was a “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” and a further call for more resistance against Big Government.  The Obama presidency lost but not enough to count out the Democrats. Bill Clinton, an impeached president is the Big Dog Democrat. And there is still enough corruption, enough blind loyalty and too much illiciet money which will continue to make the left a big determiner of lives and fortunes.

Sarah Palin gained even more clout and credibility. Palin continues as the most influential voice on the right.

The Tea Party citizens continue as a mostly unknown influence on the future direction of America. Their presence and especially their demonstrations sent America in a different direction. Their future is unknown because it is a citizen inspired phenomenon rooted in dissatisfaction with government and that means government at all levels. The winner this election cycle was “Think for Yourself Independence from Government”.  

Christine O’Donnel was screw$% by the Republicans and Karl Rove. Only Palin has the brains to support her.

Wait til the Tea Party types turn on the Republicans if/when they show politics as usual.

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