The Republican candidate for Supervisor is a Grant Harvestor.

In his guest opinion Friday he wrote:


“A properly orchestrated plan could be used to obtain a portion of the funding needed for these repairs and improvements from county, state or federal money which can be obtained via grants.”


He should do his homework a little better. His $190,050.00 solar system received $90,000.00 in grant money in the first week but what was the source of the “Free” grant Money? The American people.


Eleven grants like his 90 grand are a million dollars. So when he sells 11 systems the taxpayers send him him a million bucks and he’s sold three already. Eight more and he cost us a million.


America’s poor pay for most of the grant money. They pay the taxes and the fees, so projects like the un-needed solar panels can take from the needy and give to the greedy. We should be against projects like the ill-advised solar panels because they are deceptive. The promoters yell “Free” right before they give us the $190,050.00 bill.

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