Mar 312019

It’s About Fluoride…..  It’s About FAKE NEWS… It’s About A HOAX….

Perfluorooctanoic acid aka. PFOA has been detected in the blood of more than 98% of the general US population in the low and sub-parts per billion (ppb) range. The human health effects from exposure to low environmental levels of PFOA are unknown. Polyfluoroalkyl aka. PFAS chemicals have extremely limited reactivity which means they are very, very stable. Finding measurable amounts of PFOA in serum does not imply that the levels of PFOA cause an adverse health effect according to the CDC, the Center for Disease Control. What happens if PFOA’s and PFAS’s are actually a benefit? 

Consider: When your saliva has fluoride in it from sources like toothpaste or water, your teeth are able to take it in. Once in your enamel, fluoride teams up with calcium and phosphate there to create the most powerful defense system your teeth can have to prevent cavities from forming: fluoroapatite. It’s much stronger, more resistant to decay and fights to protect your teeth. the fluorine is a benefit…. A BENEFIT!!

Perfluorooctanesulfonates (salts of perfluorooctanesulfonic acid, PFOS) are highly stable molecules. A stable molecule has a very, very difficult and hard time joining with any other molecule. It does not react. It’s better than having a piece of gold in your hand because gold can react with some things. Polyflouro’s can’t.  

Mar 302019


American Pravda: Amazon Book Censorship

Banning Black Historiography During Black History Month

“As most are surely aware, the last year or two has seen a growing crackdown on free speech and free thought across the Internet, with our constitutionally-protected First Amendment rights being circumvented through the agency of monopolistic private sector corporations such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Although as yet our government has not gained the power to ban discordant views nor punish their advocates, anonymous tech company censors regularly take these steps, seemingly based upon entirely opaque and arbitrary standards which lack any power of appeal. No one really knows why some individuals are banned or “de-platformed” and others are not, and surely this looming uncertainty has imposed self-censorship upon hundreds of individuals for every publicized victim who receives an exemplary punishment.”

The problem is UNZ doesn’t have the Guaranteed Free Speech Ban Rules quite correct. In a nutshell, it’s government that’s forbidden to stifle free speech. Private and commercial free speech is not protected. Neither is the right to ban whatever speech or writing that you don’t like. Same for Amazon, Twitter, and all of the other social justice places. They are free to ban whatever they want and the government will protect their right to ban whatever they want to ban. 

Mar 302019

A glimpse into the future is provided by the lovely town of Pforzheim (the ‘P’ is silent), in South West Germany. With about 160,000 people, its percentage of migrants is now roughly 60%. It is now a city in Germany but it is no longer a German city.

In the last local elections, the conservative AfD reached 26%, which is very uncommon in western Germany. Though similar to American Republicans, the AfD is constantly accused of Nazism and racism by the media, with the effect that many Germans are convinced these evil Nazis must be stopped.

In Berthold Brecht’s Galileo Galilei, Galilei is threatened with torture for his heresy, so recants his observation that the sun is the center of the universe, and not the earth, which prompts a disappointed follower to blurt out, “Pity the country that has no heroes!”

The frail Galilei famously corrects him, “No, pity the country that needs heroes.”

That explains why Donald Trump is president.