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Month: August 2014

President “Flim-Flam” Obama

He’s another is a list of flim flam Presidents who told whoppers. The American people are, perhaps, used to Presidents and other politicians lying to them but President Obama is an Industrial Grade Liar. Hi lies have...

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Obama’s Boobus Foreign Policy

He still has not developed the art, the science, the strategies and tactics needed to navigate the ocean of American foreign policy. He’s not inclined towards the world outside America where his massive strength, his...

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Obama As America’s Enemy

He didn’t start out as a friend of America. His mother ran from America and his father remained a loyal Kenyan who fiercely hated Great Britain. He was elected to the Presidency by almost all black Americans and lots of...

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The Great, Great Power of Humans

One of the messages in Ayn Rand’s eponymous novel “Atlas Shrugged” is her love of and for people. Ayn Rand is routinely condemned by certain segments or within¬†certain groups but her message in the words of...

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Random Stuff to Think about

WELFARE POISONS EVERYTHING. “Corruption, like cancer ‚Ķ eats faster and faster every hour. Welfare creates entitlements and the entitled urge for more revenue. The people grow less steady, spirited, and virtuous, the entitled more numerous and more corrupt, and every day increases the circles of their dependents and expectants, until virtue, integrity, morality, simplicity, and frugality become the objects of ridicule and scorn, and vanity, luxury, floppery, mobs, meanness, and downright venality swallow up the whole of society.”