Apr 242019

“….the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

To Infringe is to act so as to limit or undermine (something). While Bucks County District Attorney may not mean to limit the rights of people by his latest program to give out locks which effectively dis-able a gun until the lock is removed, his intention has run afoul of the United States Constitution’s Second Amendment. 

The State of Pennsylvania was where the U.S. Constitution was written in 1787 but unfortunately is is also where many government violations of it happen.

The Pennsylvania Constitution states in Article I, section 21: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.” No one can defend themselves or the state with a locked weapon. 

If a citizen wants to disable their weapon no one should stop them but when the government want’s to give them the means to do it it’s unconstitutional according to both constitutions. All of the talk about safety and the prevention of accidental discharges doesn’t invalidate the prohibitions under which government has been placed.  



Apr 232019

Whitney Davis is another falsely empowered non–white complaining about CBS after she quit with a bad taste in her mouth, so to speak, about insufficient white people but their insufficiency is apparently because they are insufficiently non-white. 

It’s disqualifying or it should be for obvious reasons when a non-white condemns the behaviors of another race which in the immediate case would disqualify Davis from commenting about a company in which she has no skin, or in this case the wrong color of skin … so to speak. Davis also conveniently or purposely or maliciously fails to reveal the actual missing or wrong qualifications of those involved in a company for whom she worked without complaint and from which she collected money and other benefits after CBS hired her which prohibits this issue from being objectively discussed by her.

Perhaps, most likely, there is race-based behavior at CBS. That’s not unheard of. Most people of different races seek out because of a higher preference for others of similar race people of the same race as themselves.  That preference is not necessarily built-in but at some point it seems it happens that way. To condemn what is neither good, bad nor evil and that is simultaneously beyond the natural and expected behavior of people of different races is itself an evil. Davis should know that. If she doesn’t know it by now when she is 29 years on the planet, it’s high time she learned it.  Perhaps the problem is Davis’s criteria for behavior that is in conflict here. 

Here are her own words:

“I am not an angry black woman with an ax to grind. As a mom, I don’t want my black boys to have to work at a company that doesn’t value them for their talent and skills, and I don’t want other young girls and boys to encounter similar roadblocks in corporate America. They deserve a better world. I’m speaking out to encourage other black, Latinx, native, API, disabled or LGBTQ workers to know that we don’t have to tolerate what is intolerable.”

“With the investigation into CBS’ workplace culture now closed, it is my hope that my story is a cautionary tale for companies to value the talent and contributions of people of color and those from marginalized communities in the workplace. A diverse workforce is an asset to any company — we make you stronger and more profitable. My hope is to create lasting change in the industry. Let’s start with CBS.”

No Whitney, Since and Because We Each Have the Choice Of Where To Start, Let’s Start With You.. Lets start with your words: “

“A diverse workforce is an asset to any company…”   

No, it is not. There are no doubt places where putting people of differering races together is beneficial but there is no place for diversity where talent or capability is involved. Examples are the NFL, the NHL and the NBA… That’s just for starters. Diversity is itself a major human problem;…  not because of people or the law but because of nature. Our challenge is to work around nature in proper and human ways. America is one of the few places on the planet where that’s possible. You expect to be judged by 

Apr 232019

Who manufactured the Steele dossier in-house and then used a number of cut-outs to obscure the origins? The Steele Dossier went from the FBI and CIA to John McCain to the Hillary campaign to Perkins Coie to Fusion GPS to Steele, who was just a front. The IC, the Intelligence Community, didn’t need any Russian help to concoct this tissue of lies. And Russia didn’t meddle in our election. HERE.
That the Mueller report exonerated Trump wasn’t for lack of trying but they knew from the beginning their was no collusion. And Trump’s total cooperation, handing over 1.4M documents, not invoking executive privilege, instructing all his subordinates to cooperate eliminates any charges of obstruction.