Nov 132018

Proving how stupid he really is, the little guy is flaying about to get attention to try to revive his failing life, career and marriages by insulting president Trump.

Bobby married Diahnne Abbott in 1976. They divorced in 12 years. In 1988. De Niro had a relationship with Toukie Smith. In 1997, De Niro married Grace Hightower. Lil Bobby just can’t get himself organized with women. Maybe he needs higher heels on his elevator shoes so he can make it with some normal sized women. .  

Nov 132018

As a crowd of more than 100 people chanted “count every vote” Stacy Abrams faces daunting odds and a tightening window to gain ground on Kemp. Kemp is holding a lead of roughly 58,000 votes over Abrams, though she needs to net a smaller number — roughly 20,000 votes — to land in a Dec. 4 runoff against the Republican.

All of Georgia’s 159 counties have certified their results, and most of them have fully reported provisional ballot totals.

Nov 132018

Make certain you do not under-estimate the relentless creativity of the anti-white and the hate-whites movements in America and outside of America. They hate white people and are determined to extract vengeance, revenge and retribution as they reveal in their constant drumbeat of “White Supremacy” per Kiese Laymon who is another face of the anti-white KKK, writing in the anti-white magazine Vanity Fair.


Kiese Laymon. Born 44 years ago; was an associate professor of English and Africana Studies at Vassar College before being hired as a professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Mississippi. Laymon wrote three books: a novel, Long Division (2013), and two memoirs, How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America (2013) and Heavy (2018). Laymon’s work deals with his insecurities; American racism, feminism, family, masculinity, geography, Hip-hop and Southern black life. His provocations, essays, and other works of short fiction appear on his blog, Cold Drank, as well as featured pieces written by guest contributors. Laymon has written essays and stories for numerous online publications, including Gawker,, The Washington Post, the New York TimesNPR, BuzzFeed, and The Guardian.

Why did Wiki leave out the most important distinguishing attribute of Kiese?

He’s an American non-white.

Why is that important? Because it’s his strongest motivating force. Because race is the most over-riding attribute of Kiese and many, many other black people who are constantly battling to be included in America while fighting to stay in their race so race is important to any description of him, his work and his ideas. That’s what a motivating force is. That’s why he writes about Michelle Obama as though she’s been persecuted her entire life, from her early childhood in Chicago to her days at elite left-wing, Liberal Princeton, to her stint as America’s First Lady. That’s the motivation for black entertainment, black websites, the entire subterranean hiden battlefield of too many black people who wrongly put their trust and faith in people like Kiese Lamon.

It’s misleading to characterize Michelle Obama as a victim of a system from which she has benefitted far more than the average American, a system that elected a black man to be it’s leader. A system that everyday bends over backward to extoll the blackness of black people and to simultaneously demand to be included in the world from which they fight to be excluded. 

Kiese derogatorily,  calls president Trump “King”. Kiese writes and Vanity Fair printed that. It’s most unfortunate that people are still around who have to condemn someone to make themselves feel better and use the ex-first lady of America to help their hate-filled causes. Include many other people who are motivated by race like: Carol Anderson, Jericho Brown, Garnette Cadogan, Edwidge Danticat, Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, Mitchell S. Jackson, Honoree Jeffers, Kima Jones, Kiese Laymon, Daniel Jose Older, Emily Raboteau, Claudia Rankine, Clint Smith, Natasha Trethewey, Wendy S. Walters, Isabel Wilkerson, and Kevin Young.

Kiese writes: he “hoped we would get folks in the White House more willing to swing back — to honestly describe the violence rotting the nation from the inside out.” Rotting? Because president Trump is: what exactly? White?
Kiese’s white hate continues: “Of course, we would not get someone in the White House more willing to swing back at the most abusive parts of our nation…We would get Donald Trump, one of the most uncritically abusive men to walk the earth”.
So much for the power of race to hurt instead of heal.


Nov 122018

Best advice is to get yourself to a safe place immediately. Fire spreads in many ways. Keeping combustible materials and things away from the building cannot protect it from wind-carried embers which are hot enough to start a new fire.
Wood burns at a surprisingly low temperature. That’s why and how a simple match can ignite wood but paper ignites at an even lower temperature. Even worse is anything that contains flammable liquid like paint thinner or even nail polish remover.
Take no chances with a fire. Leaving is the only safe way to avoid burns from flying embers.
Look at the photo’s of the burned out places. The lead in car batteries is visible flowing in the streets.
Even if you build an underground bunker to stay in until the fire burns itself out, you need to breathe but the air around a fire has little or no oxygen so breathing is not just a problem, it’s impossible. So, go… Just leave for a safer place.

Nov 082018

Reporters are INVITED to the special briefings. They have no right to be there at all. None. They are there by invitation. It has nothing to do with the idea of a free press any more than the press has a right to enter your home and demand you answer their questions.

President Trump had to tell Acosta three times to surrender the microphone after Acosta pushed away the woman whose job it is to retrieve the microphone. Acosta is a little man who is a sissy for disrespecting the rules, women and especially America with his disrespect for the rules.  According the Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Acosta put “his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern.” Video of the incident showed Acosta had raised an arm to shield the roving microphone from being taken from him by the intern, saying, “Pardon me, ma’am,” after his making brief contact with her. “I will tell you that CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them”, President Trump said. “You are a rude, terrible person. You shouldn’t be working for CNN.” Subsequently, Acosta’s press pass, US Secret Service security credentials facilitating entry onto the White House grounds, was suspended “until further notice.” Good. Great, in fact because this horrid little creature doesn’t know how to play by the rules. 

Acosta and CNN, his employer are “dangerous” and “disturbingly un-American”. 

According to hostile, Trump-hating CNN: “Acosta asked Trump if he thought he had demonized immigrants in the closing days of his campaign, but Trump responded he wanted immigrants to come in legally as the two frequent sparring partners spoke over each other. Acosta brought up the Trump ad that his network and others, including Fox News, refused to air as racist; it tied an illegal immigrant murderer to the caravan and warned of a Democratic takeover.

“Do you think they were actors? … I think you should let me run the country, and you run CNN,” Trump said.

Trump wanted to move onto another reporter, but Acosta wouldn’t give up the microphone when an aide sought to tug it away from him. He sought to ask a question about the Russia investigation, but Trump said he didn’t have any worry about the “hoax” and told him to put down the microphone.

“CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them,” Trump said to Acosta. “You are a rude, terrible person. You shouldn’t be working for CNN. You are a very rude person. The way you treat Sarah Huckabee [Sanders] is horrible.”

CNN’s communications team responded to the exchange by condemning Trump and saying they “stand behind” Acosta and his fellow journalists around the country. Acosta’s father was born in Cuba. At age 11, Acosta’s father arrived as a refugee from Cuba three weeks prior to the Cuban Missile Crisis  so Acosta, was born and  raised in Virginia. How he got so rude and dysfunctional ia mystery but he did it himself. .

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in response that Republicans “value a free press, but it’s unfortunate that some reporters seem more interested in getting their own cable show than doing their jobs.”

“The media grandstanding has gone overboard,” she added.

Ronna McDaniel


We all value a free press, but it’s unfortunate that some reporters seem more interested in getting their own cable show than doing their jobs.

The media grandstanding has gone overboard. 

CNN Communications


CNN’s response to @realDonaldTrump’s press conference today:

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In addition to Acosta, Trump said he wasn’t a “fan” of NBC’s Peter Alexander, who during the press conference defended Acosta’s behavior. Trump also told April Ryan, a CNN commentator and frequent Trump critic, to sit down down repeatedly after she stood up and interrupted another reporter, attempting to ask a question out of turn.

“It is such a hostile media,” Trump said. “And it is so sad that you asked me, and no, you rudely interrupted him. You rudely interrupted him.” These people act as though they are supported by a dictatorship where they can command the president to do whatever they want. Acosta is one of the worst of a bad set of horrid little people because he refuses to follow the rules.  

Nov 062018

As of Nov. 6th, 2018 at 11:27 PM

Fitzpatrick: 117,802…51.2%

Wallace: 112,225……..48.8%

TOTAL VOTES: 226,010

257 out of 304 Districts reporting ( 75%)

Fitzpatrick: 168,841…51.3%

Wallace: 160,098……..48.7%

TOTAL VOTES: 328,939,

THE TOTAL NUMBER OF VOTERS WAS ALMOST AS MANY AS ALL THE ELIGIBLE VOTERS IN BUCKS because of the gerrymandering that added Democrat Montgomery County to the 1st Congressional District.

In other races,
Senator Tommy Tomlinson won over Tina Davis, as did Republicans Wendi Thomas, Frank Farry, and Gene deGirolamo. Notable Democrat losses are those supported by Left wing, Liberal celebrities like Taylor Swift, Oprah, Beyonce, Baldwin, Clooney and many others who lost.

Nov 062018

She said to whom so ever: ” ….show up and show out, and vote.” What does “Show Out” even mean? Of course among some people it has a meaning similar to being a show-off. 

So Oprah thinks voting is showing off? Perhaps. To her, ..perhaps.

It’s simply not worth getting into.