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Ben Roethlisberger Needs Elbow Surgery… All the Best To One Of The Best…

Reports indicate Ben’s Ulnar Colatteral Ligament in his right elbow needs surgery. Specifics of the surgery are unknown. He is 37 years of age. Recovery can be up to a year but Ben is a tough man and if it’s possible we can count on Ben doing what needs to be done to recover as quick as he can. Ben is about the size of Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz. The problem with evaluating the elbow of a quarterback is the unknown condition of the tissues in the elbow. Every person ages a bit differently so even if the elbows are identical one quarterback may perform longer than another. Tom Brady is 41 years old. Drew Brees is almost 40 and Eli Manning is almost 38. These men are in supurb condition but a sudden knock or twist can destroy their ability. Here’s to Roethlisberger and we hope his surgery and recovery go fast.



Worse than ever because after being outed it continues against president Trump, the Republicans and everyone except the friends of FAKE NEWS which is The Democrats. The Lying, Failing New York Times dropped a False bombshell...

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Michelle Obama’s 10,000 Wigs

Well known for the brilliant styles in the many wigs she wore during the White House years, Michelle is still hiding her own natural hair in favor of longer, straighter hairpieces, extentions and hidden buns with scads of hair....

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WELFARE IS THEFT. “When people survive by handouts government invents laws that authorize it; creates agents to enforce it and a corrupt moral code that glorifies it.”