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Ilhan Omar Says She’s Smarter Than All Of You Because She Found Out She Could Marry Her Brother To Get Into The U.S.

She’s biblical.. Jezebel.. “If ever the Devil was born…. without a pair of horns…
It was you, Jezebel, it was you…… If ever an angel fell…
Jezebel, it was you, Jezebel, it was you, sang Frankie Lane in 1951.
If you search for Omar’s name you find article after article meticulously documenting her marriage to a man almost certainly her brother, which gained him entry into the American education system, while she was simultaneously in a “faith-based” marriage to another man with whom she had children and filed taxes.  Other research revealed that her entire extended family may have been switching out identities to gain entry to America.  Many of those articles reflected meticulous investigation by David Steinberg.  (See here, for example.) She perjured herself eight times in nine questions in her divorce by claiming she had no contact with her husband, despite evidence strewn across social media that this was a lie.
The unsavoriness of Omar’s conduct escalated when she dumped her husband and went to live with another man who apparently left his wife for Omar.  It turns out that beneath the modest headgear she wears, Omar is a Jezebel.