Feb 212019

Suppose further that the wrong people have been blamed for slavery. And suppose that the present situation of America’s black population is entirely correct. Just suppose. What would that mean? 

It would mean that a great injustice against an allegedly causist white race has been committed by circumstances that caused forces that are illicit, even evil because they breach the moral code.

Victimology, separatism, and anti-intellectualism underlie the general black community’s response to all race-related issues. To achieve in any endeavor, people need the set of attributes related to success at that endeavor. Lacking those attributes there cannot be a success. In any event it’s massively unjust to misinterpret the cause. It leads to the uncomfortable but right conclusion that non-blacks are not the problem of the lack of black success.

Racist frenzy is the product of a poisoned culture that declared war on Western [White] Civilization. It preaches and teaches  more than anything else, how to hate—to hate the greatest accomplishments of our greatest civilization, to hate America, and to hate one another. The left created a viscous cult called white people that supposedly rewards hatred, hypocrisy, delusion, and destruction of those outside the cult.  We are witnessing dangerous and psychotic mass hysteria based upon lies by anti-Americans. 

That’s playing with matches while trying to claim there’s no reason to think a fire can start. .


Feb 212019

Earlier this month Sen. Kamala Harris of California, said she supports “some type of” reparations. Elizabeth Warren supports reparations too. These two are really out of touch because reparations have already been paid for with the dead and wounded of the Civil War. There were an estimated 1.5 million casualties killed. wounded, captured or missing. reported during the Civil War.

How much is one life worth? How much did it cost to free the slaves? Most casualties and deaths in the Civil War were the result of non-combat-related disease.  For every three soldiers killed in battle, five more died of disease. We could conservatively estimate that the total monetary cost of the Civil War was on the order of $200-500 billion in 1990 dollars, and perhaps as high as one or two trillion dollars.? 

Feb 212019

The narrative of racial warfare in the United States goes back to it’s founding. Cassius Clay went to Africa and said “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat”.  Documentary film director and MacArthur fellow Stanley Nelson who is a black male  made the documentary “The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution,” believes “Donald Trump has fanned the flames of racism in this country,” Nelson says. “He was a real driving force in the birther movement, and he started out his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists, (NO. He Did Not Call Mexicans Racists. He said Some are. ) “and he’s called for banning Muslims from this country. (NO, He called for a stop to immigration from seven hostile countries until Immigration can be gotten under control. the Supreme Court agreed with him.) “There’s a feeling that we’re under attack, and at the same time, other Republicans are saying, ‘Yeah, that’s racist, but we’ll still support him.’ It’s very scary, I think, for African-Americans to look out and see that Donald Trump has over 50 percent of the white male vote.” 

Nelson is lying about voters when he refuses to note or to admit that Barack Obama received over 90% of the black vote which makes president Trumps 50% seem almost trivial compared to that. 

Nelson also refuses to admit how South African Blacks have even murdered whites especially in Rhodesia where they methodically murdered the white farmers which now means Rhodesia must import grain where before when the white people operated the farms Rhodesia had a surplus and even exported substantial quantities of grain. 

Race is the third rail of political discussion. Always has been. Slavery is used to bash white people. Look at the race of the people who support Jussie Smollett for his hate crime against white people. 

White people are not welcome in Southern Africa and the infrastructure is in deplorable condition since the virulent anti-white convicted bomber Nelson Mandela and Cyril Ramaphoso came to run the country.

Differences between groups is sometime characterized as having nothing to say about individuals. That is incorrect. It is simultaneously wrong. A correlation picks up a general tendency which applies to all constituent parts. That tendency, that statistic may be a weak predictor, but its power in the individual case is not zero. It means something and to ignore it is to trade in mis-information. that will never solve the race problem.

Race cannot be normed. Fortunately America represents the best place for a solution to develop. Perhaps none will but look around at the evidence. The IQ of American blacks is higher than the IQ of African blacks. How did that come about? It wasn’t planned. It wasn’t conscious but it is because of the America attitude towards individuals. America needs to understand what it has done about the differences between the races and that it has been magnificent.   

Feb 212019

Many things are just none of anybody else’s business but when a 29 year old George Soros Sugar Baby get elected by manipulation of the voting process and protests president Trump at the SOTU the ugly rumors about her and goats is important. OTOH, Soros is certainly an old goat and he can get almost whatever he wants so it’s certain he has some, perhaps a lot and in any event far too much control over Congresswoman Ocasio. 

Feb 212019

She blames The Polar Cortex on Cow Gas…. Her Green New Deal is the old set of  Marxist laws purposely designed to move China and India ahead of America. You can read it for yourself but while it’s long it lacks specifics. It’s worse because it’s written by policy wonks who are completely bonkers with no knowledge of the real world and how economics work. Bonkers Wonkers. HERE. 

Ocasio wants to pin the blame for every wrong on white Americans which in itself ought to count as a hate crime. America needs an annual HATE HOAX award show like the Grammys or Emmys, for Achievement in the Field of Hate Hoaxery. Ocasio is in the running along with Jussie Smollett…

Feb 202019

So many Americans are against freedom. The media as a group are almost violent in their detestation of personal freedom preferring instead rules, regulations, laws  designed to guide people in what they should do. You can tell the people-haters when there is a special kind of crime that involves not murder which you would think people are against, but a crime committed by a criminal with a gun, which people are trained to oppose more than their own life. The great thing about guns is that a culture must be free before anyone can have a gun. Freedom comes before guns. No guns in a culture means the people are not able to be trusted with a gun. That’s a marker of a tyranny.   

Why would teachers refuse to arm themselves? Don’t they trust themselves with a gun? Don’t they understand that a well-armed school is the easiest and most protected place where the children are safer than almost anywhere else? 

Why don’t teachers understand that showing children that the teacher can protect herself is a great way to teach personal responsibility? If a teacher can protect herself then she can protect the school children. If someone threatens the children the well-armed teacher can protect the children because she is armed. 

Why would someone refuse to defend themselves? If they don’t care enough about themselves to take the responsibility to protect themselves how can they be trusted to protect the children in their care?

If you want to make sure people eat right would you ban certain foods known to cause higher weight? If you want to ban guns, why not first ban ice cream, butter and cookies because they cause obesity and obesity causes heart problems and more people are killed by heart attacks than by armed criminals?  

The federal government says about 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Being too fat causes heart attacks so ban foods that make people fat. It would save more lives than banning guns. Being obese caused many of the preventable deaths. Potato chips top the list of foods that cause weight gain, followed by butter, sugar, salt and red meat. 

Feb 202019

…. there’a an even  worse type who objects to American values and to white people. In the dangerous crazy sick mind of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whites who start businesses are guilty of domination, to be punished, rather than appreciated and applauded for their initiative. This is one crazy sick mind. She belongs in the nut house, not the peoples house and anyone who voted for her should be ashamed of themselves for putting this awful person in Congress.  

Feb 202019

She thought Amazon would get $3 billion in tax money because she utterly failed to understand that Amazon was not going to be paid $3 billion. They were being given a reduction in taxes over 10 years, tax money that does not exist, tax money that they would have had to pay so they would first have to make $3 billion profit which they could keep. In the process they would have hired 25,000 people and paid them $100,000 a year plus $30,000 in benefits each year to work for Amazon. That’s what Ocasio lost for Queens. 

The dispute was between the two Democrats which laid bare a divide over the plan to offer $2.8 billion in tax breaks over ten years for Amazon to establish a major presence in Queens, in New York City. On one side, old hands like Cuomo; on the other, the newly insurgent, left-leaning wing represented by Ocasio-Cortez

Coumo said, HQ2 would have brought “at least 25,000-40,000 good paying jobs for our state and nearly $30 billion dollars in new revenue each year to the community to fund transit improvements, new housing, schools and countless other quality-of-life improvements.”

However, Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter questioned the validity of the jobs figure and pointed to a report that Amazon will pay zero federal income tax in 2018, despite $11 billion in profits. Yeah, Ocasio but they paid wages to everyone who worked for them, you dumb as a brick twit. 

“$0 for schools. $0 for firefighters. $0 for infrastructure. $0 for research and healthcare,” she tweeted Thursday. “Why should corporations that contribute nothing to the pot be in a position to take billions from the public?”

Yeah, well the 25,000 workers lost their $130,000 a year jobs including benefits each year. That’s $3.3 billion a year in lost wages for the people in Queens who would have worked for Amazon.  How stupid is AOC? Very, very stupid. The people of Queens who demonstrated against Amazon may be even dumber than AOC.  

Feb 192019

She’s a toughie. Born in a tough place, Durban, South Africa which is as tough a place that’s right in the middle of heavenly Southern Africa with some of the worst people on the planet for example Robert Mugube of Rhodesia aka Zimbabwe, so Logan is perhaps an Afrikaner by birth, She was recently interviewed by a U.S. Navy Seal and she condemned the Liberal bias of the media. .