Sep 232018

Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Lindsey Vonn, Tom Brady, Nick Foles, Danica Patrick, are all better hero choices instead of that bum Kaepernick. He didn’t lose his job because of his beliefs. He lost his job because he did a dumb thing in a dumb way and only a handful of NFL players are left who protest against America. The NFL has lost money since Kaepernick pulled his stunt. Of course he had a Right to protest and the fans have the Right to disagree with what he did. 


Sep 222018

Cubans need lots of new cars. They’ve been driving junkers and clunkers for 58 years when Castro banned importation of American cars so it’s about time for some new wheels for Cubanos.

In 1961 America broke off diplomatic relations with the newly minted communist Cuba. Castro accepted U.S. aid until he became Cuba’s leader and his Marxist soul was revealed.  Cuba has been communist and the economy stinks. The average age of a Cuban car is 60 years. Americans trade their cars every two years. 

There are 11 million people in Cuba so the car  market is huge. Most Cubans are too poor to afford new wheels and many will have to finance their cars but it’s a great opportunity for the Cubans and for the American car makers.

And the parts market for the old clunkers is huge too. Many of the cars have been kept running with the most ingenious assortment of parts so the market for new original parts is huge. Even old used parts from America will be welcomed as soon as Trump makes if easier to export stuff to Cuba.
The Cuban’s are good, smart people so they’ll make some great deals for the eagerly awaited American cars. Good. Good for Cuba and a way to Make America Great Again. Article HERE.

Cuba is in America’s back yard. Lets keep Putin out of Cuba by sending Ivanka there for a meet ‘n greet and to start getting Cuba back into our world.

Sep 222018

Tai is not, unfortunately, related to the Mai Tai cocktail based on rum, Curaçao liqueur, orgeat syrup, and lime juice. If she were she would be easier to take.
Also, unfortunately, Tai is not a follower of Jefferson’s Individualist America. Instead she follows Giovanni Gentile, the philosophic guru of Mussolini’s totalitarian government. Like Obama, a fellow Democrat, she is the opposite of those who emphasize individuality, Tai is a product of and a strong, selfish supporter of the American Left. Obama said: “We Belong To the Government” in 2012 at the Democratic Convention.

Sep 222018


We Demand Restitution from Tai in the Amount of $170 Million. RETURN WHAT YOU TOOK FROM US HELEN…. GET OUR MONEY BACK!

It’s not difficult to figure out who benefited and who was forced to pay $170 million dollars. This “DEEP STATE COLLECTIVIST, SOCIALIST, STATIST, PROGRESSIVE, LEFT WINGER” began operating against America’s good nature as fast as she could.

Tai should be defeated in the election on November 6th to return the PA State House to an America Value Supporting Capitalist. 

If Tai Wins the Deep State Wins and Gets Worse. 

It’s only a rumor that Tai is the product of Aliens who landed and let her out of their spaceship. 


Sep 212018

Sexual Assault is no laughing matter. Neither is lying. If Ford has something to say, lets hear it. Lets judge it. Let’s remember that the word of a drunken woman is still the word of someone who might have been assaulted.

OTOH, the words of a drunk are not as credible as a sober person…… Just sayin’.

Sep 212018

There are rumors the Raiders and the Patriots are talking to Kaepernick. Their problem is he’s just a third string quarterback with massive poor judgment who disgraced himself by disrespecting America, the American Flag, American Values and the American people 

Those are a losing combination, a losers UnAmerican attitude towards America and Americans and the NFL fan base is 1,000% American.

Always Put America First !!

Sep 192018

Roe is safe enough but despite it’s safety most people don’t seem to actually know what it did. Most people think Roe allowed abortion.
Roe left the decision about abortion to the government and the doctor in the final three months of a pregnancy. It did not outlaw abortion so Judge Kavanaugh cannot support abortion on demand or abortion by court order or abortion because of Roe or any other U.S. law.

Even if Kavenaugh doesn’t support abortion, and most people don’t but most people will not oppose the decision to abort just as they would support any woman who refuses to abort. Perhaps the world would be perfect if every pregnancy ended with a successful birth but the world isn’t perfect so abortion will be around regardless of what Judge Kavanaugh supports or rejects.


Sep 182018

Dunces, Dummies, Dopes and Hillary voters as well as a small assortment of really average people gave themselves yet more awards at the 70th Enemies last night. These Mope-a Dopes include some of the ugliest people to escape abortion and they are dumber than a bunch of mollusks but they do spend a lot on clothes and make-up. Plastic surgeons work is on vivid display as some surgery scars haven’t fully healed. Others had one eye obviously different than the other one.

HEADLINE: Emmy Ratings Fall Double Digits To New Low, Despite Move To Monday By NBC. Good… Better than good. Great!

These are not perfect people so many actually bragged about supporting the disgusting anti-American Kaepernick but they reserve their ire and real hate for President Trump. These are mental dots.

Penelope Cruz wore a paintbrush-inspired costume. Others wore discarded parachutes, Gray-on-Gray gray dresses as though color is too boring, White gowns designed to show they weren’t white-raced bigots and some of the most worst taste halloween costumes ever assembled. One publication breathlessly stated one star had red lipstick. Pipsqueaks, pudden-heads and pimple-pusses, this is beyond boring. Alex Baldwin attended but his barber must be on strike as the great Trump hater proved his career is so yesterday. Kirsten Dunst forgot her bra but posed anyway. A few 600 pounders dented the pavement. We miss Joan Rivers analysis of the silly costumes and sillier people.    

Sep 172018

It’s called Sticky-Gel or Stickum or pine sap and it’s put on receivers gloves to catch the football much easier. It’s on lineman’s gloves to make tackling easier. The quarterbacks love it. If Tom Brady doesn’t know about or doesn’t use stickum he’s way behind the rest of the league because they know about it and they use it.