Dec 122018

According to NBC News Pelosi, speaking to Democrats in secret behind closed doors on Tuesday, Dec. 11 said President Donald Trump’s “manhood” got in the way of their Oval Office meeting in which he threatened to shut down the government if Congress doesn’t fund his border wall. the president is six (6) years younger than Pelosi.

“It’s like a manhood thing for him — as if manhood could ever be associated with him — this wall thing,” Pelosi said, a Democratic aide who declined to be named told NBC News.

Really Nancy? Is that how he made you feel? Is he so dominant, a male trait that you felt he was using his manhood to dominate you? 

Pelosi is a 78 year old female. Naturally males and females have very different sexual characteristics and different responses to personal meetings. Pelosi is much smaller than the president so it’s natural she would respond to his larger stature, his height and his male attributes.

It’s very telling that Pelosi goes all sexual and emotional after a meeting with president Trump instead of sticking to the facts. Obviously she felt his maleness, his manhood since she’s a woman and the President is a younger man. 

Pelosi then went all infant and talked about “Tinkle” which is a childish term for urine.  She said: “The press is all there! Chuck is really shouting out,” Pelosi recounted to her colleagues of the meeting with Trump. “I was trying to be the mom. I can’t explain it to you. It was so wild.”

She added, “It goes to show you: You get into a tinkle contest with a skunk, you get tinkle all over you.” Pelosi better clean herself up but she can’t get rid of the dominance of Donald Trump. Her feminine submissiveness in the face of a dominant male is what went on her. The president is the alpha dog. 

At the meeting, Trump was adamant about owning a government shut down if he did not get funding for a border wall. Pelosi has no decent answer so she goes to an infant term, “Tinkle” to deflect her lack of intellectual ability. 

Sen. John Neely Kennedy, R-La., said of the televised clash: “I didn’t see anybody who was particularly vituperative. I thought it was passion, and that happens all the time around here.”

Kennedy added: “If I were playing poker with President Trump and he was across the table from me and he had demonstrated the face that he demonstrated in that meeting, and I wasn’t holding good cards, I’d fold, because I don’t think he’s bluffing. I think he’s prepared to shut down the government.”

Dec 112018

Yeah, yeah, it’s all over for the Eagles after the Cowboys beat them but did they? The referees were awful. The Eagles even had a clear touchdown called back because of a completely wrong call by the officials. The Eagles need a reason to get off their backs and back into the win column so the Rams better watch out. The Eagles are coming to LA with their claws out. Good. 

LA is great but the Eagles won the Super Bowl. They’re banged up and almost acted beaten against the Cowboys but when you’re being screwed by the referees what’s a guy to do?

The Eagles have a secret weapon against the Rams.  Wentz to Ertz, and …. Sproles and Golden Tate III. The Cowboys had two extra men on the field, the two ref’s who should have stayed off the bottle as Jenkins said. Good for Malk. Hopefully the officials in LA will be fair and unbiased. that would help the Eagles who need to get their heads back onto the football field and away from the terrible officiating in the Dallas game. 

Pederson needs to get his mojo back. He can do it. Just relax Doug and it’ll get good again. . . . . But LA is, …… It’ll be close.  

Dec 112018

Let’s not get all bent out of shape over the above questions. There are obvious differences in people and race is only one of them. Some people are better chess players while others excel at . . . .  well, that’s one of the things that’s forbidden in the face of free speech at universities everywhere according to an article over at the UNZ Review by James Thompson titled: “Armageddon: James Flynn on Academic Freedom and Race”. Better not read it because it’s against the paradigm. Someone will report you to Big Brother.

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Dec 102018

The Tea Party movement is a great example of finishing the job. Tea Party people worked to get rid of Obama. It was Job #1. It worked. He’s gone, we hope forever. So is Hillary, the worst person in politics. She enabled Bill who enabled the worst kinds of women. 

But the Tea Party moved onto peddling neo-libertarianism as the antidote to both populism and identity politics. Something similar happened to Trump. This story in Politico about various clowns and freaks in the MAGA movement is emblematic of what has become of parts of Trumpism. Ali Alexander, one of the organizers, appears to be the spawn of Sammy Davis Jr. and an Easter Island statue. Judging from his postings, he takes a lot of drugs or suffers from psychotic episodes. The Tea Party, at least, drew a decent class of grifter. Trump’s baggage train, as great as it is drew in its share of freaks and lunatics. It also made fools out of the media and late night TV.

In fairness to Trump and the millions of people who voted for him and still support him, we can’t do much about these freak shows. They’re performers. They go where they can find an audience willing to pay to watch them perform. So the Tea Party wised up. So have so many borderline voters. The Left crazies smartened up a lot of chumps who jumped onto the MAGA train. 

This suggests two rules for dissident politics. One is a variation of the oldest bit of political advice. Never been seen with crazy people or wearing funny hats. Professional pols have people who make sure they are never in the same shot as a crank or weirdo. Smart pols avoid putting themselves in situation where they can look silly, like driving a tank wearing an over-sized helmet or getting goosed by a farm animal. For dissidents, it means staying clear of attention whores and people with heads full of nutty ideas.

More important, it means stay as far away from Progressive media as possible. Mass media is the worst way to get the attention of the public, because it is all bat-crap click-bait, agit-prop and tabloid nonsense. There are better ways to get the public’s attention.

People look at the Left Wing Propaganda shows and people for the same reason people look at pictures of a snake trying to swallow a goat. Today the freak show has moved to the Left. That’s great. It helps Make America Great Again.  

Dec 102018

Meryl Streep is still criticising president Trump as though she knows something about why we elected him. She’s so far out of touch with the Trump Riot that she’s invisible. Streep is a large part of the problem. It’s people like her, people of the Left, Liberal People. Hollywood people, Media people and the academic professors who are the cause of the problem which is why people like Streep are not part of the solution. They caused the problems that Trump was elected to fix. 

One of the really great things about America is that we can decide not to watch people like Colbert and Streep. We can tune them out which I do. I cannot watch people like Streep or Colbert. I will never watch another movie with Streep.

Streep and Colbert however cannot get away from America and our system of values, a system they really hate because they are only in entertainment. they cannot get away from government so they attack the personality of our president instead of doing something about it, as though their silly talk is anything but blather and bluster. Meanwhile, president Trump is actually on the job, not entertaining but standing up to Russia, to China and protecting idiots like Streep and Colbert who don’t get it because they can’t get it. 

Streep repeatedly stressed that she didn’t set out to be a film or theater actress, and she said that part of what made her think she couldn’t be a “film actor,” was because “my nose was too big.” Here’s a flash for Streep. Her head is too big. She believes she is more important than “The President Of The United States”, the silly child. 

Dec 102018

The News is all about the “Yellow Vests” as though that’s all there is to the protestors. That they are malcontents who decided to wear a yellow vest and go to Paris to riot.

That’s media crazy talk, “Newspeak” as author George Orwell wrote in “1984”, his book about the Totalitarian Government. But all government admires totalitarianism and strives to impose itself over all people and all of their actions. Nothing new or strange here. It’s the story of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. 

Macron met Monday morning in his presidential palace with local and national politicians, unions and business leaders to hear their concerns. No one who represented the rioters was there. No one who represented “The People” was there. The politicians, the unions, the business leaders and Macron ARE THE CAUSE NOT THE SOLUTION!.

The people of Paris, like the people of Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium have witnessed the riots of the Muslims especially the rapes during the New Year Celebrations. The Muslims showed the other citizens how to do it. The police show up and arrest the rioters. But nothing seemed to change. Every year the same thing.

Back to Paris. Obviously there’s a lot more to the riots that a tax on gasoline. No one seems to really know but for sure there’s a lot of reasons for the citizens to riot. So they are rioting and the government is befuddled, at a loss to solve the problem of the rioters. Suppose it’s more than one problem? Suppose the government doesn’t know what the problems are? Maybe no one does.  

Dec 092018

A lawyer from Yardley roundly criticized the Courier for a false Guest Opinion that condemned Senator Tommy Tomlinson for using an ad he never used. The Courier neglected to admit their transgression but a reading of the offensive guest opinion will confirm that simple fact but that didn’t stop the Courier from condemning Tomlinson in a headline. 

Plus the Courier has routinely condemned president Trump too often to remember the total times. It increases everyday. Who are these people? What twisted moral compass lets them think so little of America that they condemn him for such little transgressions that are simply human behavior? No one’s perfect except that not being perfect is perfectly human, ergo president Trump is perfect.