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Coronavirus Lockdown Soon Over

It’s dangerous for certain people. For others they have it, walk around with it then get over it. How will it affect you? Probably not at all because it’s just about over. Of the four coronaviruses that cause the common cold, two diminish in warm weather. The cirus causes a flu… a common cold with muscle aches. Hardly the material for a panic. Keep warm, force fluids and rest. Those are things that a lot of us do for a living. The president indicated he would shut down parts of NY, NJ and CN then backed off. Why? Obviously because the threat of great harm was overstated. Food supply workers are not included in the quarantine. Since loads of people are involved with the food chain, loads of people were not included in the quarantine. Because that’s the case it means a lot of people weren’t quarantined and that the virus threat was not as great as first reported.
Second, the Democrats have been using the virus, the quarantine and the isolation as aweapon to attack the president and make him look bad. The opposite happened. President Trump has emerged as a very strong and very effective leader. His popularity has jumped and his re-election in November is assured.
There are none. There is no such thing.
Every business is essential to someone. At least to the owner and his family. Essential to the employees who depend on their job to support their families.