Jussie Smollett was driven by something, hate, revenge, fame, hero complex, … no one can get inside the mind of someone else but there are thought patterns that drive behaviors including aberrant actions to further inner desires. Crazy Joe Biden even called all of America an embarrassment which is common as the Left piled onto the universal condemnation of white people for being responsible for attacking a gay black guy. Horse Hockey!

The drive to prove the charge of White Supremacy and White Supremacists has been going on since the minorities have been given license to attack the supposed oppressors, i.e., the white majority.  Jussie Smollett is either the latest victim or the latest perpetrator but make no mistake, the Left excuses him. Instead, he was driven to try to get redress or revenge or some outlandish phony psychotic cause against the oppressors. 

Colin Pumpernickel Kaepernick just got a $20 – $30 Million Dollar payday against the oppressors so don’t be surprised if young Jussie gets a massive payoff from the victims of his hoax.

What’s going on here? The stereotypical white is that they are prejudiced, intolerant, and callous. When people are wrongly judged that way they step up their efforts to seem likeable. They nod their heads, make self-deprecating comments, they note areas of agreement, they may smile a little too much. Of course, not everybody does this, but the point is that generally speaking, when whites interact across the racial divide, they are particularly likely to worry about the stereotype of being seen as bigots, so they compensate by trying to be super nice. Jussie took advantage of that and even though it failed and he was caught in his lying scheme, the liberals on the Left continue to see him as a victim. So the circle of hate continues, getting deeper and worse.  

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