Nov 302018

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She’s Not Going Away….

IT’S THE E-MAILS…. It’s her brazen defiance against following the rules and exposing America’s secrets to America’s enemies by not using a protected e-mail server…..IT’S THE E-MAILS….. Hillary needs to be prosecuted, not protected….

Nov 302018

The swamp is after him in the form of the Mueller Witch Hunt. We’ll soon see if Trump is equal or better than the Deep State. We made a bet that he is. We’ll soon see.

Dr. Jerome Corsi defied Mueller. Cohen and Manafort lost to Mueller with charges unrelated to Mueller’s commission. Mueller went rogue years ago. He needs to be confronted, not surrendered to.
Tim O’Brien, a Trump biographer and frequent critic, said. “I think the unforgiving grinding force of the U.S. justice system, which he has tried to undermine since he became president, is encircling him. I don’t think we know where he will land. But he is certainly mired in something that he is ill-equipped, legally and personally, to handle.”
A;an Dershowitz said: “In the end, I don’t think Mueller’s going to come up with very much, in terms of criminal conduct, that existed before he was appointed, and that’s pretty shocking,”.
President Trump need help. He needs our help and support against a rogue prosecutor. . 

Nov 292018

They sell camping equipment and other stuff that’s less expensive at WalMart and many other places. The problem for Dick’s is they believe guns are evil. They haven’t figured out that guns need someone to fire them so it’s the crazy people they should ban, not the guns but there’s no way to find out which customers are a bit crazy but Dick’s is crazier than the crazy customers who misuse guns. the rest of the customers who buy and use guns properly need to step up and ignore Dick’s. . 

Nov 292018

Left-Wing Bucks County Political Rag of a newspaper, ….The Bucks County Courier Times…….

A Mr. Steve Cickay is published regularly because he’s on the same ideological pages as the Left-Wing, Liberal, Democrat, Anti-Trump, Obama loving, Hillary-Can-Do-No-Wrong Trump haters. His current target is his attempt to force the American people to pay for the health care needs of people who do not care to pay for it themselves. 

HEALTH CARE IS NOT A RIGHT….. but to the nanny state big liberals and Mr. Cickay you can expect health care paid for by hidden taxes and highly controlled by dummies in government who are only interested in collecting as much as possible while paying as little as they can get away with. The losers are the doctors who get paid less and less for doing more and more and the people forced to pay for the medical bills of other people. Government run, Socialist health care is the darling of Cuba Dictator Castro, Venezuela’s Maduro, and Bolivia which ranks nearly last in health among the Western Hemisphere countries. Only Socialist Haiti scores consistently lower than Socialist Bolivia. Bolivia’s child mortality rate is 69 per 1,000 live births. It’s 5.9 in America.  Bolivia’s Socialist health care system is funded in part by International Organizations such as the World Bank which is funded in large part by America. 

HIV prevalence rates in Bolivia are 15 percent in La Paz and nearly 24 percent in Santa Cruz, according to a 2005 report cited by UNAIDS. HIV is 9.0 percent in sub-Saharan Africa so the HIV  infection rate in Bolivia is more than double the HIV infection rate in the world. 

Mr. Cickay should note that when he writes about the the non-existent Right to Free Health Care that Bolivia shows the low quality that’s provided by government-run Socialized health care.  Health care is a product that must be purchased, not a Right in any sense of the word or principle. . 

Nov 292018

The Comanche is a magnificent boat. The sixteen men on the crew including the captain spent roughly 5 1/2 days crossing the Atlantic in the 100 foot long boat, sailing in very, very rough weather at an average speed of slightly under 25 mph. The design of the boat is a semi-planing hull that’s designed to partly skip along the top of the water which almost doubled the speed of the hull. A planing hull is much faster than a displacement hull which has a top speed of 1.34 times the square root of the waterline length. A planing multi-hull sailboat has the Atlantic record at 38 mph.
A typical jet plane can cross the Atlantic in a matter of hours compared to the days required by a sailboat. Why make sailboats at all when aircraft are far faster?
There are many great reasons to continue to improve on the sailboat speed. Sailboats are aesthetically pleasing. the wind is free energy. Why spend loads of money on jet fuel when the wind alone can do the job?

Nov 292018

Should you be afraid of the government? Thomas Jefferson and others certainly were when he wrote The Declaration of Independence.

This is all about The First Amendment’s protection of publishers so readers had a better chance of reading the truth. See: Criminal Prohibitions on Leaks HERE. 

There’s an American warrant out for Julian Assange for telling what amounts to the truth. 

Mueller used the FISA court to imprison Paul Manafort for crimes committed outside of America.

Dr. Jerome Corsi has refused to agree with a lie that Mueller is trying to get Corsi to agree to. Mueller may use the FISA court to imprison Dr. Corsi. Dr. Corsi denied he intentionally lied to investigators about the emails, and said that was why he rejected the plea offer , which would have charged him with one count of making false statements.

“I did not ever willfully and knowingly give them false information,” Corsi said. He said he forgot about the emails in question during his first interview with Mueller’s team, noting they were among 60,000 contained on the laptop he provided to the special counsel’s office. Being perfectly human means memory has limits. 

President Donald Trump threatened to declassify “devastating” documents next year if House Democrats launch probes into his administration. “If they want to play tough, I will do it,” he said during an Oval Office interview Wednesday with the New York Post. “They will see how devastating those pages are.” Trump told the paper he would declassify FISA warrant applications and other confidential documents from Robert Mueller’s investigation, which he said would expose efforts by the FBI, the Justice Department and the Clinton campaign to set him up.

Nov 282018

From American Thinker: “….cries for a lot of big names to end up with long prison sentences.

These big names start with Obama, highlighted by FBI agent Peter Strzok who claimed in one email, “The White House is running this.” It goes on to Hillary Clinton, former CIA Director Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey, Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, senior Justice Department official Rod Rosenstein, and on and on. It’s an extensive cast of characters, some of whom you may not even be familiar with and others you will be, such as DNI James Clapper, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Bob Mueller’s chief of staff John Carlin, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, UN Ambassador Samantha Power, Obama’s White House counsel and Clinton Foundation Attorney Kathryn Ruemmler, Mueller aide Andy Weissman, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI agent Peter Strzok, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, British academic and FBI informant Stefan Halper, Edward Lieberman, husband of Evelyn Lieberman, Bill Clinton’s old chief of staff, a number of Russians and some other Brits and on and on.  The number of people involved and the extensive amount of detail about their activities are nothing short of stunning. If there is any justice, there should be a lengthy set of perp walks.”

This is a Third World set of crazy politicians who have operated at the highest level of America. “Lock Them Up!!!

Nov 282018

Of course, like everyone else, we love Candice Bergen and wish her all the best but we wish she could get the politics correct. Unfortunately she’s almost an anti-American Leftist, having learned to speak French, we don’t know from whom but probably her husband Louis Malle, and being a member of the Hollywood Elite she’s a bit too far to the left for us to like her position against our president. The best we can say about “Candy” Bergen is, well, frankly until she comes right with her politics we prefer so stay quiet. . 

Nov 282018

From the Associated Press we learn: “Giuliani also accused Mueller’s team of mistreating Manafort in hopes of getting him to give false testimony against the president. He said Trump “thinks it is outrageous and un-American and sounds like something that would happen under an oppressive dictatorship.” Here. 

Mueller’s filing on Manafort came at a delicate time for investigators, who have gone months without new charges and continue to probe possible but so far non-existent links between Trump associates and WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy website.

As Trump continues raging against the investigation — he tweeted Tuesday that Mueller was doing “TREMENDOUS damage to our Criminal Justice system” — others in the crosshairs have filled the vacuum of Mueller’s recent silence by publicly declaring their innocence, accusing prosecutors of coercing testimony or tempting fate by turning aside negotiations.

One associate of Trump confidant Roger Stone is contesting a grand jury subpoena in court. Another, Jerome Corsi, said he was rejecting an offer to plead guilty to a false statements charge and has complained in news media interviews about his interrogations by prosecutors.”

“Stone, under investigation himself for connections to WikiLeaks, has repeatedly disparaged Mueller’s investigation and said his friend Corsi was at risk for prosecution “not for lying but for refusing to lie.”

Corsi is a Harvard Ph.D. so it is incorrect to refer to him as “Jerome” as the AP does. Of course the AP is very, very Left-Wing, anti-America political and is not known for it’s absolute integrity to truth.