Month: October 2015

Bringing Jobs Back From China Means Trump Must Be Elected. Hillary Is and Has Been against the Free Market So She Will Continue To Support Communist China But Not The American Free Market Which Will Keep Chinese Jobs in China Instead Of Bringing Them Back To America…….

Trump want’s to bring American jobs back to America From China and here’s how it’s done. American manufacturers sell their products in America where $1 American is worth 6.31805 Chinese dollars called Yuan. The...

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Hillary Cannot Win

Many people believe she must not win. That would be the Republican Establishment but they have no front runner except Trump and the Republican Establishment will lose a lot of power if Trump wins. The Democrats are watching...

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Hillary Belongs In Jail

The fix is in on Hillary’s countless crimes, Rudy Guiliani listed 27 Federal Statutes she violated but like Lois Lerner Hillary will not be charged let alone arrested or punished. She is literaly too high in government to...

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