Aug 312018

Aretha Franklin Made America Great.

There should be fifty gun salutes to her all around the world. Aretha was a great American.

President Trump should send the Blue Angels to make a flyby over the Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit where she was laid to rest. R E S P E C T and the love of an entire planet. With Aretha there was no hate.
Hope the president takes my suggestion and sends the Blue Angels to escort this woman into heaven.   

Aug 312018

But you cannot grasp what it’s like to be rich when you aren’t rich. Donald Trump accepted a lower life style when he moved into the White House. It’s white. If it was Trump’s personal property it would be GOLD.

In 1926 F. Scott Fitzgerald published one of his finest stories, ”The Rich Boy,” whose narrator begins it with the words ”Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” But Fitzgerald went on with a mistake. Being rich is more than just more money, just as a battleship is more than a bigger sailboat. Some things are radically different and the rich are radically different too. . 

Aug 312018

The IMF, the International Monetary Fund headquartered in Washington D.C. approved of the South African law that the South African government can simply take land belonging to the country’s white farmers without compensation. The IMF headquarters should be moved inside a prison because of the damage they cause by approving theft and the racism against white people. 

Aug 312018

Very, very few men can play NFL football. Even fewer can win a Super Bowl. Doug Pederson and the Eagles did it once is 52 years.
The plays and the actions of the teams are important. Usually that’s all the press reports because the press is not the players. The press is not the team. The press can report what they see. What they can’t see is the heart of a winner. Or a loser but losing in the NFL is not like losing in life.
Losing is permanent. The mental gymnastics of winning include losing and losing but always playing to win moment by moment but it’s more than physical playing.
It’s the “Moments of the Mind” that count more than the physical moments. It’s the major lesson of being human.
 Super Bowl Winners are an extremely small part of the culture. The Eagle players, coach, coaches and the entire organization had to help win the super bowl rings but the unsung heroes are the fans.
An amazing player just announced his retirement. Brent Celek. .

Aug 292018

Teeny Tiny Brain John McCain was a harsh critic of the Tea Party, calling elected United States Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY) “wacko birds.”  

In addition there’s this: Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who was Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election, has been excluded from his funeral. What a disloyal bastard, this tiny brained runt who disobeyed orders and got shot down, which proved not all pilots belong in the sky. McCain was an airborne F**K Up. 

Breitbart News has independently confirmed an earlier report in People magazine, which reported that Palin was not sent an invitation, and was told through intermediaries to stay away from the ceremony. Proves the point about lil runts and running; … well, we’ll leave that one right there. 

McCain fundraiser Carla Eudy confirmed to People that Palin had not been invited — possibly, People speculated, at the behest of the McCain family.

The news comes on the tenth anniversary of the date in 2008 when Palin was announced as McCain’s pick for Vice President.

Palin now joins President Donald Trump on the list of those barred from the funeral. Why would anyone want to go to McCains funeral? To make sure. 

It was only ten years ago, in 2008 that marked the first time a woman had been named to a Republican presidential ticket. Sarah Palin, a corruption-busting fellow “maverick,” captured the public imagination.  But the McCain-Palin lead was short-lived. The media targeted Palin with hostile, negative, lying and crazy  coverage. 

Sarah Palin helped turn out the conservative vote in areas where the moderate McCain had struggled to connect. Recently, traitor little brained McCain said  he regretted choosing Palin instead of Democrat-turned-independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, a fellow foreign policy hawk and the man who nearly became vice president on the Democratic ticket with Al Gore in 2000.

During and after the failed lil’ runts presidential campaign the Leftists bashed the very competent Palin every chance they got and McCain’s people and his family bashed her the same way. He never stood up for her like she did for him. He was a coward of the utmost proportions.

Always a class act it was reported that: “The Palin family will always cherish their friendship with the McCains and hold those memories dear.” and “Out of respect to Senator McCain and his family we have nothing to add at this point.” Hope they change their minds and lose their misguided and misplaced loyalty to Lil’ brained John McCain who wasn’t so loyal to them or to their family. 

Penn State officials took down the statue of former football coach Joe Paterno after the Freeh Report revealed the university’s involvement in covering up sex-abuse allegations against assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. (Amy Davidson writes about the N.C.A.A.’s punishment for Penn State.) Over the course of the investigation, the nine-hundred-pound statue had become “a source of division and an obstacle to healing,” Penn State President Rodney Erickson said in a statement. It’s waiting and ready to get dedicated to McCain.

The Albert Pujols Statue Can Be Renamed To Honor McCain

In 2011, an anonymous donor had a statue of the then St. Louis Cardinal erected outside the Pujols 5 Grill, in St. Louis. The replica stands with his hands in the air, something Pujols said was intentionally symbolic. “That’s to remind me it’s not about me, but it’s about Jesus Christ who gave his life so we can have eternal life. It’s really easy to lose focus when you have millions of people telling you how great you are,” he said of the statue at its unveiling. A month later, he signed a ten-year, quarter-billion-dollar contract with the Los Angeles Angels. Pujols himself is gone, and the restaurant has since changed its name due to slow business, but the statue still stands, complete with a security guard.

The William Wallace Statue Is Available

The stone statue of Sir William Wallace that was erected in the Wallace Monument visitor center in 1997 bears a striking resemblance to Mel Gibson, who played the Scottish hero in “Braveheart.” That—and Gibson’s history of homophobic, anti-Semitic, racist, and sexist slurs—may be the reason the statue was repeatedly vandalized. It was actually removed from the visitor center in 2008, but it’s now on display in its sculptor’s workshop just waiting for it to be dedicated to McCain.

Confederate Civil War Statues

Can Be Re-Tasked as John McCain Memorials. That will save a load of money and time. Just bang a bronze plaque onto the statue and there you are.

Men’s Room’s Can Be Called McCain’s Can. 

Saving the best for last, no one should mutter his name. He should be erased from our history. 




Aug 292018

FBI: Peter Strozok, Lisa Page, James Comey.
CIA; John Brennan.
McCAIN: “The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naiveté, egotism, false equivalence, and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate. But it is clear that the summit in Helsinki was a tragic mistake,” McCain, who has been away from the Senate for months as he undergoes cancer treatment, said in a statement. “No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant.”

DEMOCRATIC PARTY:    Political suicide is the path other Dems are taking, as shown by their embrace of Socialism.  Their leftward lurch got a jolt last June, when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old former bartender, defeated incumbent Joe Crowley in a primary for a House seat in Queens.   Her claim that unemployment was low “because everyone has two jobs” was a gift to comedians and Republicans.

As “Alexa demonstrates the CIA and NSA intrusion into the lives of ordinary people is not unique. 

The NSA basically collects all electronic communications in the United States as well as more of the same fairly aggressively overseas. The CIA can use Samsung and other “smart” televisions speakers to record conversations even when the set was turned off.

The CIA and its British allies were reportedly able to take control of either Android or i-Phones through vulnerabilities in their security systems by using their attack technologies.

WikiLeaks claims to have 8,761 documents detailing efforts to circumvent the security features on a broad range of electronic devices to enable them to be remotely tapped. If they are caught they “Blame the Russians”.

Should you believe that no home or work environment will any more be considered a safe place and it is potentially, if not actually, the greatest existing threat to Americans’ few remaining liberties? Or, do you trust the government to protect you instead of actually spying on you?


Aug 282018

“One of the most alarming aspects of the Viganò letter is the picture it paints of a Catholic Church that is comically and deliberately misgoverned, even sabotaged by its high-ranking prelates.”
BACKGROUND: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former apostolic nuncio, (the church’s equivalent to an ambassador) to the United States, alleged in a long, incredibly frank letter that Pope Francis knew of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s misdeeds with seminarians in 2013. Further, he alleges Pope Francis lifted a number of sanctions placed on McCarrick by Pope Benedict, restoring him to a position of influence in the Church. Viganò named at least two places where documentary evidence backing up his alarming claims could be found, and finished his letter by calling on Pope Francis and the men he accuses of being his corrupted collaborators to resign their offices.
This is a big, big deal. Carlo Vigano is not fooling around. He is accusing the Pope of protecting a criminal who engaged in sex acts with other church officials. Since still waters often run deep, we should ask if this is the entire case or does it ripple wider and deeper?

Another report found 301 Catholic priests, clergy, and lay teachers in Pennsylvania who sexually abused over 1,000 children,

Religion itself is a serious set of ideas. The report, called “Testimony” by Vigano is not about religion or anything about religion. Here. It’s about ordained priests, men who are highly educated and intelligent who knew their actions and activities violated the laws of their religion but that didn’t stop their sexual behaviors. Keep in mind these are male-on male “activities”.

Aug 282018

by Fred Reed: “Racial relations are a disaster. Blacks, fourteen percent of the country, are congenitally furious at whites. They neither assimilate nor want to. Whether they should doesn’t matter since it will not happen.

“They give their children strange names to differentiate them from whites, maintain a separate language sometimes called Ebonics–blacks in other countries learn to speak normally–and concentrate in huge all-black Sowetos: Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Newark, Trenton, Camden, Atlanta, Milwaukee, East St. Louis, New Orleans. And many others. Horrific crime and horrific schools produce each year a large cohort who, barely literate, will for fifty years be unable to fit into the economy or into white (or Hispanic) society. This will not change. If it were going to, it would have.

“Hispanics, seventeen percent of the population, have a much higher likelihood of assimilating, and are doing so, but it will not happen overnight and will never be complete. They face intense hostility from much of the white population. Add Somalis, North Africans, Jews, Asians, and various Muslims and you have more than a third of the country. Their interests are their own interests. This cannot be changed.

“Americans no longer have a shared identity, a common culture to hold them together. In 1950 America was overwhelmingly white, European, and Christian. How deeply one believed was not the point. Christianity was a matrix binding all, as Catholicism is in Latin America. Today Christianity is like marijuana–tolerated, barely legal, but better not to get caught. Whites are reviled by those of lesser capacity and, weirdly, by themselves. What do we now have in common? Almost nothing. This will not change before some strange looming denouement befalls us.