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“The Limits for Tyrants is the Endurance of Those They Oppress.”

What are your limits?

This page is about Corruption in Government; – at all levels; -in every place in America and the broken political system that caused the corruption; the corrupt nature of the two political parties; the people who run them and the loyal followers who blindly support them and the solutions that take the form of resisting their empty words; ignoring their false ideas; finding the truth in the new types of media like the internet; the telephone messages; Twitter; Facebook; and using technology like the e-books and the I-phones to find what the political crowd is doing to us and against freedom. It’s about the New Voices of Liberty. Born in the last century and as JFK said;  — “unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this Nation has always been committed.

Government Corruption is a worldwide problem. It is especially virulant in less competitive countries but corruption runs rampant in the developed countries too.

  • The American system is broken at all levels because it is run from the shadows by politicians. lobbyists and illicit money from contributors. One political party with two branches shuts down opposition. spported by lobbyists and illiciet lawyers who offer bribes and legislators who collect.
  • Behind the scenes a shadow one party with two branches, Democrat/Republican government operates with regard for itself to the detriment of the people. Liberty has been swallowed by these merchants of corruption.
  • The Rod Blagojevic imbroglio illustrates the depth and ease of the corrupt nature of the political process. Regardless if Blago is guilty the people know the truth about the under-the-radar deals that fuel the corruption.
  • As Bill Clinton said: What’s wrong with America can be fixed by what’s right about America. The system of an open free society with individuals at Liberty can be restored but not under the present conditions of almost total control of our lives and the attitudes that are in the air. Many Americans seem to condemn the idea that individuals are capable of running their own lives without a pro-active government agent stifiling their freedoms by regulations that forbid conduct and effort; taking their money; limiting their lives and give the money to those in government.  
  • Of course not every person or part of government is corrupt but two parties are so powerful they are a shadow government
  • A political sustem that tolerates bribes; vote trading for favors; ballot-rigging; confiscation of election leaflets like what was done in Bucks County in the 2010 primary election where red-eyed vigilantes acting with the approval of a judge and the Republican party confiscated small leaflets of fellow republican candidates and destroyed a free election,  and more is corrupt.
  • Lobbying operates slightly Under-the-Radar. It is not open bribery but it’s worse. At least an open bribe is admitted to be a bribe. Lobbying has become so sophisticated and perverse but the practice itself is disguised bribery. It’s harder to detect and almost impossible to prosecute which is why it’s worse than outright bribery.
  • Lobbying is a form of extortion. Elected Officials extort contributions from lobbyists and lobbyists look for opportunities to “buy” influence over officials. Buying is disguised to appear innocent. A contribution to a political fund raising activity by a lobbyist is a bribe disguised as a “legitimate” contribution. A sweethart contract to a favored person or company or a no-bid contract is still a form of bribery.
  • The recent passage of the Health Care Initiative was marred by huge payoffs as legislators traded their yes vote for favors from each other, from their contributors, from their political party and from the White House.
  • Cross-Bribery in Congress is openly practiced. It’s thinly disguised for public approval by wrongly claiming that it does good while it quietly undermines everything.
  • Lobbying is often portraied as one of the evils of a Capitalist system but it is not connected to Capitalism at all. Lobbying is a marker of an agreement between two  shysters. The positions of Lobbyist as someone who bribes an official and an official who accepts a bribe is often reversed. The official seeks a lobbyist to bribe by promising a favor and a lobbyist who accepts the favor, in exchange for a contribution, Two bribes. Disgusting.
  • TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT Go to sleep on a government approved mattress. Flush your one gallon per flush toilet three times to get enough water. Shower with a commanded low flow shower head that forces you to spend three times as long in the shower to wash off the government approved soap. Have breakfast with price controlled milk in your coffee or government controlled cream. Government inspected pigs and chickens for the ham and eggs. Government commanded fuel that burns worse with the alcohol that corrodes metal so much that cars built before 2007 will rot from the inside of the fuel lines. More alcohol is needed so fuel mileage is worse. Alcohol cost more than gasoline or diesel fuel so bigger fuel tanks and higher priced fuel that government commanded you to buy because government is the ultimate monopoly on power and oppression.

    Government is the problem. The founders of America knew that and tried to control the government but it didn’t work. Once the babies went thru the mandatory government education program that glorified government and condemned individual effort went to government controlled law school and became Judges they changed the laws to make government bigger and more oppressive. That’s what government does. Since the Phoenicians, the Pharaohs, the Caesars, the Emperors, Popes and even the tribal chiefs who were the leaders of lesser civilizations, government is opposed to freedom.

  • Freedom means the individual matters. Government has too much trouble commanding individuals. Groups are easier to manipulate so government attacks freedom. As the signs in the London Riots of 2009 said: Freedom Go To Hell!  They want control of everyone, especially you.
  •  Can a broken, corrupt system be repaired? Perhaps. But not by the present players. Two powerful parties will not change.
  • The sum of the ideas of a Nation defines and identifies it’s moral basis
  • A nations Morality is the set of rules used to govern it’s existence.
  • So the National Political Identity is defined by it’s moral code.
  • A National Moral Code requires a statement of the Ethics of the culture
  • Ethics is a branch of Philosophy. While each religion claims a set of ethics, there is no single set of religious ethics useful to guide a polythiestic and non-theistic nation with many different secular and religious values
  • In the broadest sense, Ethics requires a basis. The basis of the Ethics that defines a government system requires knowledge of the type of entity being governed.
  • Political Ethics also requires the broadest view of existence and a definition of the entity subject to the rules. Philosophically that’s Metaphysics and Epistimology
  • Metaphysically, everything is simple. It’s simply. – Reality.
  • People use Reason to make every decision. America’s Ethics are simple too. Liberty, defined by Reason based in Reality
  • Reality, Reason, Liberty, lead to the conclusion that the proper basis of a government for people is one based on providing the highest amount of Liberty and the largest number of freedoms for each person who is governed.
  • That’s the moral basis of America. It’s the moral basis of the Universe.

  • There coming to take things away.  They broke down the barriers.  Why are they doing this?
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