Jan 312019

Pink Floyd frontman 75 year old drug-musician Roger Waters urged Super Bowl halftime show performers to take knees on stage in support of Colin Kaepernick in a message posted to his social media page Wednesday. Waters is a Brit who cannot vote in America. He openly hates American president Donald J. Trump.

In addition he’s way out of his league when as a musician, not a voter, he tries to influence American voters and when he goes against the law enforcement people in this country, a country whose people fought a successful war to get their freedom from Roger’s ancestors.

Roger needs to get out of our knickers and fight to straighten out England where they still have an aristocracy: a Queen and a King and all that stuff  not a democracy like America. Why does he not support the law instead of lawbreakers like Kaepernick supports?

America doesn’t need political advice from a chirpy tiny Brexit subject. We can and do handle ourselves very well. 

Wonder if Rodger every actually played American football?  

Jan 312019

Is there a connection between Race and Intelligence? 

Are some races smarter than others? 

Can we even discuss the subject? Should we? What are the advantages and disadvantages of discussing race.

The New Yorker Headline:  “The Disturbing, Surprisingly Complex Relationship Between White Identity Politics and Racism”

Misses an important point about white people. It makes the point that being white isn’t necessarily racist. If fails to note that white people usually identify by the country of origin of their last name or of their maternal line or of the several cultures in their background. Said another way, a white American named O’Neill would identify as Irish even though there are other cultures in their background. An Irish last name may belong to an individual who has more German or more French or more Swedish in their background than Irish and the individual would identify with those cultures as differentiated from “European American”.

Next, if there are several cultures in a white American’s background they may identify using several European countries such as Scottish and Italian but hardly any white people consider themselves European Americans. Why is that?

Because many White Americans raised among whites will use the last name as the indicator of their inherited culture or cultures but not as their American identity.

Black Americans have a very different cultural past. They may have a European last name but they and everyone else would know that a black man named Eddie Murphy has zero Irish in his background but Murphy would not know anything at all about the names of the cultures in his background.  Murphy would get around that by identifying as “African” and “American”. 

. …..developing



Jan 312019

Who wants to LISTEN to the Superbowl? Football fans know what they’re watching without some blabbering going on explaining what you just watched or even worse making comments that distract from watching the game. the worst for me is to watch someone running with the ball and some announcer telling me that he’s running with the ball. 

If you buy a ticket you sit in the stadium and watch. Why do anything else at home or wherever you are watching. the key to remember is to watch the game. Nothing else matters. You can scream, yell, rant, wave your arms, jump around, drink some beer, eat some chili and have a hell of a great time watching the game. 

See those expensive boxes up high with the jet setters and maybe the president watching? They know what’s going on. They watch the game on the field, not on the TV. 

Want to know who just made a great play? Look at the large number on their jersey. Look at their name on the back. If you miss who it was, relax. You’ll find out soon enough by just watching. 

Get near the biggest TV you can find and watch the game. Life it too short to let someone be shouting in your face about what you just watched. 

Jan 312019

Back in 2014 LIFE reported on their tasting of 11 canned chili’s. Only one was recommended, Hormel Cook-off Southwest Style. HERE.

You can make chili fast in a pressure cooker but you need a lot of ingredients. See the Chili Recipe with 65 ingredients HERE.

Or you can make it with maybe 8 or 10 ingredients but it takes about three hours or more to cook it, less in a pressure cooker but the recipe has to be modified for the pressure cooker.

Best bet is to just buy the damn stuff. Get about ten cans, dump them into a pot and heat the stuff. If you want to kick it up a notch, add some cooked ground beef or brown some pork chops, cut them into small cubes and dump ’em in. You can add cooked chicken breasts, or ham or whatever left over meat is in the fridge. Grate some carrots, add left-over string beans, cut into small pieces. Add some left-over wine and thicken it up with some water with cornstarch in it.  

Get some great bread at Panera or some other place, maybe even some burgers from McDonalds or Burger King, spoon some chili onto the burgers, top it all with cheddar, sour cream, more hot sauce, grab some beer and watch the game without a lot of fuss. That’s my latest plan.

And I’m rooting for the Pats even though it’s OK by me if LA wins. 

Jan 312019
  • 3 whole sweet fresh dried chilies like Costeño, New Mexico, or Choricero, stems and seeds removed

  • 2 small hot dried chilies like Arbol or Cascabel, stems and seeds removed

  • 3 whole rich fruity dried chilies like Ancho, Mulatto, Negro, or Pasilla, stems and seeds removed

  • 1 1/2 quarts homemade chicken stockor store-bought low-sodium broth

  • 2 whole Chipotle dried chilies canned in adobo sauce, plus 2 tablespoons sauce, stems and seeds removed

Add dried chiles to large heavy-bottomed Dutch oven or stock pot and cook over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until slightly darkened with intense, roasted aroma, 2 to 5 minutes. Do not allow to smoke. Remove chiles to small bowl and set aside. Alternatively, place dried chilies on a microwave-safe plate and microwave on high power in 15-second increments until pliable and toasted-smelling, about 30 seconds total. Transfer to a 2-quart microwave-safe liquid measuring cup or bowl. Add chicken broth and chipotle chilies, cover with plastic wrap, and microwave on high power until gently simmering, about 5 minutes. Remove from microwave and set aside.


Jan 312019

Far-left celebrity Cher declared Wednesday that President Trump is “Putin’s waterboy” and fantasized about him burning in hell. The woman has little shame…. Not much common sense either.

“The Most DANGEROUS THREAT To America’s Safety Is The Russian Operative,Who Currently Occupies The White House,” Cher ranted in a social media post, proving her lack of intellectual bona fides.

“There’s a Special Building In The After Life For Putin’s Waterboy…..TRUMP TOWER HELL.” Has she ever been in Trump Tower? No… If she was she would know how silly her comments about the building really are. the building is magnificent. Stunningly beautiful which is why merchants are there and why customers shop there. 

Trump’s own apartment which is on two or three floors looks better than Versailles. He’s fantastically rich and has superior taste which is why his buildings are so successful, unlike Cher’s make-up squad which now uses structural steel under her cheeks.  

It’s obvious the concrete now occupies a significant part of the inside of her skull too. Cher is so over.

Jan 312019

The first will have to wait for a better time to reveal but the second is the postponement of the February meeting, …. which postponement might be reinstated in the interest of a more honest and just discussion. Whatever happens will impinge on the future reputation of the Courier and it will show how underhanded politics works. It also reveals the weaknesses of a commercial system that is not responsible for providing justice, fairness or even an unbiased enterprise. 

Jan 302019

There is something deeper than the charge of white racism happening. The claim is: “Western Civilization” enables “white supremacy”. It’s a rhetorical con game by lesser cultures to engender white guilt and white dispossession. Many academics teach “Western Civilization,” with its origins in the classical world which they teach supports white identity politics and that concept too must be abolished. Western Civilization is white civilization.

No one can credibly claim to “defend Western Civilization” without defending the white people who created it. “To read about your own culture is a revolutionary act,” said Jonathan Bowden in one of his speeches. In today’s world, there is no greater act of rebellion—for whites—than to defend their own identity. To be a white person is to be heir of a marvelous set of traditions and wonderful, indeed stupendous culture that stretches from the Greco-Roman and Germanic civilizations of the past into the limitless horizons of a potentially glorious future. Yet that future will be ours only if we have the moral courage to defend our right to exist. That battle starts by claiming ownership of our own history. It’s fortunate for all of the lesser cultures, cultures that were never enriched by the study of the most successful of the ancient world that there were white people and cultures that went before them and could point the way to a better future for them also.

What about all of the other cultures? Teach them with truth, not malice. On the individual level everyone counts. Let’s all make sure that means white individuals too.