Mar 312018

The Florida International University is completely diverse. That’s it’s objective. That’s why its bridge was fatal.

You can see the bridge collapse beginning on the left side of the video HERE.
Wasn’t that damn inconvenient.
It’s a crappy design because the web that was supposed to join the upper and lower members was far too thin to do the job. If Steel bridges were designed this way in the beginning steel bridges would never have been built because they would all fall down like the Florida diversity hire bridge. A diverse incompetent bunch designed the bridge and set the deadly policy at  

Government failure is everywhere. Failure at every level was all over the Florida, including the Douglas-High shooting that was first blamed on the NRA, not Nikolas Cruz the shooter. Not uncharacteristically, one offending officer, Scot Petersen, has been rewarded with retirement, not punishment, for dereliction of duty during the massacre. It spawned a small teenager with a triangle shaped face that doesn’t know enough to learn what he’s talking about before he speaks.

Munilla Construction Management, the South Florida green construction firm that is: ” a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and is proud to employ a significant number of LEED Accredited Professionals” which gave us the Florida International University Bridge is a model diversity company but apparently not a good bridge design company because diversity first isn’t a good way to design anything except an incompetent group. There was a dedication plaque on the bridge to the minority women who built it,….. of course..
Can the concrete be recycled? What about the other green projects this incompetent diverse company has built? Better make sure they are all checked for faulty design.

Mar 302018

Most faces are ovals or sort of circles, not triangles. Is it the angle of the camera or something about the lighting or the effects of the Florida sun that make Hogg’s face triangular?

Round; Square; Oblong and Oval are the standard face shapes, not triangle. A triangular face is common in individuals with osteogenesis imperfecta. The term “osteogenesis imperfecta” came into use in 1895 and means imperfect bone formation. A somewhat deeper definition is a hypoplastic face with prominent zygomatic arches, orbital hypertelorism, sunken cheeks, down-turned mouth, andoccasionally brownish facial discolouration, which is characteristic of Mulibrey nanism. Triangular facies have aalso been described in Russell-Silver syndrome and Turner syndrome.

Hogg has been so poisoned that he cannot see how obscene his own behavior is. Where his parents??

Mar 302018

America’s enemies want Americans disarmed. So does JD Mullane, a columnist for the Bucks County Courier Times. So do a lot of people who disagree with all of the freedoms and the idea of personal Liberty which were the driving forces that created America out of the original thirteen English colonies. The English had guns. So did the population so they were sort of evenly matched although the English had large cannons too.

America became free because of the guns the Americas used to defeat the English. Lets make sure we don’t forget the importance of freedom and the even greater importance of guns to fount the country based on the idea of personal Liberty. One has nothing to fear from a rational animal and humans are the only rational animal. .

Mar 292018

Did you wonder why the furor arose against the 1992 publication of the Bell Curve, (916 pages)?

Bell Curve author Charles Murray pointed out to his critics that he and Richard Herrnstein could have made a much stronger case regarding the black-white IQ gap than they did, but they restricted their analysis to only the most mainstream science on the topic of intelligence, often regerred to as “g”.

In 1997 “Why Race Matters” by Michael Levin, 442 pages, is that much stronger case. Like Herrnstein and Murray, Levin also relies on mainstream literature regarding the black-white IQ gap, but expands on it, and he covers race differences other than IQ, e.g. time preference and impulse control. Michael Levin is a philosopher by training, but his knowledge of psychometrics, math, and genetics is impressive. Levin devotes the first third of the book presenting evidence that much of the black-white IQ gap is genetic in origin. He also astutely points out that the Liberal argument against intelligence itself amd therefore against the very idea that there is a gap between black and white people is fictitious, false and 100% environmental in origin relies on finding flaws in studies that indicate intelligence is caused by one’s genes. i.e., genetic causation. Their argument is that absence of evidence (for high black intelligence) is not evidence of absence. However, in some cases absence of evidence is evidence of absence. If for example, Santa Claus exists, it is very likely that someone would have spotted him by now. That no one has, thus, should be considered evidence that Santa Claus does not exist. Likewise, Levin states “evidence for the equal intelligence of the races would presumably exist were the races in fact equal, and be prominently cited by the many social scientists who passionately believe they are.” That no such evidence exists places the burden of proof on Liberals to make the case for racial equality. The case against racial equality presented by Levin is devastating to the Liberals ideas.

Rather than looking for ways to help people live together influential Liberals seem more determined than ever to freeze out the intelligent.
Levin discusses values, crime, aggressiveness, impulsiveness, lack of concern of the future, justice, affirmative action and how white people pay for the myriad welfare programs that do not benefit smart or white people but forces them to pay for the sins and shortcomings of others. That’s immoral but hey, one said or promised it’s a moral world. .
Authur R. Jensen wrote: “The g Factor: The Science of Mental Ability” (664 pages) in 1998 which along with The Bell Curve and Why Race Matters roll up all argument against the idea of intelligence and it’s value to human flourishing.
Why Race Matters is a fascinating read that would be difficult to summarize briefly. Levin ends the book with a fictitious address by a future president of the United States acknowledging that after ~50 years of pretending otherwise, we must finally come to accept and deal with the reality of racial differences. If you enjoyed the Bell Curve, this book is also a must-read.

Mar 292018

White movie fans don’t care that actors and actresses are “diverse” and in roles that just don’t make sense to them.  They don’t go to the movies. They just don’t watch them, or, at the very least they refuse to pay high ticket prices at the movies so they stay away.  Movie attendance tanked and will continue to shrink as long as diversity and multiculturalism dominate the movie casting instead of believable plots and accurate casting.

The big losers will be stupid white actresses like Frances McDormond who put herself out of a lot of future roles because she refused to work unless her contract had a “diversity clause” in it. By so doing she made it harder for white bitches like her to get jobs and easier for the large factious herd of non-whites to replace them. The movies are more diverse, less believable and less attended. Way to go, stupids. 

Taki Mag reports that back in 1999 Black, Asian, and Latino organizations agreed to cooperate to force the TV networks to diversify — or else. In January 2000, they lobbied Congress to regulate “inclusion” on TV the same way the government regulated children’s programming (at the time, the FCC mandated broadcasters provide three hours per week of educational children’s programming). The Coalition of 19 wanted the government to set a weekly quota of non-whites on TV.

It seemed as though there was no stopping this indivisible band of brothers. Or perhaps we should say bruthas, because by the end of the month, the NAACP had cut its own deal for black inclusion, leaving its brown and yellow comrades out in the cold. “No es bueno,” declared former U.S. representative Esteban Torres, the coalition’s lead Latino negotiator. “No es bueno indeed.”

In 2002 the coalition pretty much disbanded when the black representatives walked away after the Latino faction voted to bring  The Mexican Grocers Association in as a member, because the treatment of Mexican grocers is, of course, inextricably tied to issues of television diversity.

The Coalition of 19 failed because, in the end, each victim group was interested only in gains for its own “kind.” They really did hate each other.

In today’s inclusion-rider movement, there’s a new wrinkle. The leaders aren’t people like Esteban Torres and Kweisi Mfume, but preening white A-list actresses who claim to be disenfranchised. The fact that white women are leading the fight this time will not stop the black and Latino factions from, once again, selfishly guarding their own interests. But it will certainly give them a common enemy to fight before they turn on each other. A rude awakening is in store for the white actresses who are currently (if unknowingly) committing career suicide by backing inclusion riders. As Hollywood salivates over the massive success of Black Panther (which, it should be noted, beat the pantsuit off the female-driven Tomb Raider at the box office two weeks ago), white actresses might just find themselves dispossessed after all. HaHaHa!


Mar 282018

Thanks Zuck you Cuck. 

Zuckerberg’s Facebook has received negative reviews and shocked criticism for secretly collecting and selling the personal information of 50 million American users.

Apples Tim Cook has been sounding the alarm on mass data collection since 2015, by Facebook and Google for years. The executive has long pointed to the distinction between America’s honest open business model – selling products to customers for a profit – and that of internet platforms that are “gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monetize it”.

That thieving business model has been extraordinarily profitable for Facebook and Google, but the companies are now facing a reckoning from unwitting, deceived consumers waking up to the sheer volume of information secretly being collected about them them – and concerned about who might be using it and how.

Mar 272018

Hillary used the CIA against the Trump campaign like it was the KGB and she got away with it. She lost the election but she escaped scrutiny …. so far. 

John Brennan is an Irish Roman Catholic….Donald Trump is not. Trump was married in the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea. While it’s possible to explain Brennan’s absolute detestation of Donald Trump as based in religion, it’s possible because of the festering feelings of Ireland against the English Episcopal’s.

Brennan is in this deeper than he should have been. He should have told the Hillary campaign “get lost” when they approached him to work with them and against Donald Trump.  See some of the mess Brennan and the Hillary campaign is in because of their activities to defeat Trump. HERE.
This is extremely serious. It’s very, very un-America and smacks of a secret police operation at the highest levels of the Obama administration. It is the bungling antics expected of a banana republic. It seems to have been criminal and it makes the Watergate break-in look like a kindergarten operation. these are professional secret police and it’s good and fitting they lost ,,,but it was close, too close and Brennan needs to be thoroughly investigated and brought up on the charges proper for what he did against Trump during and since his election campaign. . 


Mar 262018

About 14 women are named in Wikipedia as being “involved” with Donald Trump. Some of their stories are just that. Others seem to be more credible. the truth is we will never know the truth.

OTOH, we know how this game goes. It started with Adam and Eve when eve used her “apple” to get Adam to bite. It’s the way people were designed to act. Nature determines the sex drive of the individual so lets not go overboard ‘blaming’ someone, anyone really for responding.

President Trump is very, very rich which attracts women in addition to other features of men. As president he has plenty to do and he has a beautiful wife, five terrific children and two ex-wives. So far, the guy is way ahead of most other men who may wish or dream of doing what Donald Trump has done.  . .