Month: September 2012

Impostor Obama

Donald Trump asked: “Who Is This Guy”? One website, (here) writes: “The Mystery Of Barack Obama Continues”. An entire book asks: “Who Is The Real Barack Obama” by Steve Bierfeldt. An Op-Ed by...

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Obama Really Worse Than You Thought

Under Obama and as a result of bad decisions by the Obama Adminstration the credit rating ot The United States has been downgraded for the third time. When Obama took office America was rated AAA. That was downgraded to AA+ on...

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Obama = Counterfeiter

Printing money is making counterfeit money. Counterfeiting is supposed to be a violation of the Crime Code. Obama and/or his adminstration printed $6 Tri llion. Why is he still a candidate for President? Or is he just too big a...

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