Month: February 2013

Obama Can’t Fix Obama Lies

He’s still at it. Yesterday he said: “You Can’t Do Things By Yourself”. Maybe he can’t but everyone else eats their own food and thinks which proves everyone else eats their food and thinks...

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Obama Can’t Fix Stupid

He can’t cure dumb either and the Left is where they go. “The Bell Curve” showed the differences between people based on Intelligence, called “G” and measured with a test. The problem with IQ is it...

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Obama Constitution Rescue Needed

A stake in the heart kills a vampire but the Constitution was knocked out by a few Executive Orders. How simple for Obama to dictate a few Orders, like a King of England and destroy the Constitution with a few words. Talk about...

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How To Cheat On Election Day

Vote six times as Melowese Richardson might have done in Cincinnati where 19 people are under investigation for voting more than once. Melowese voted by absentee ballot then went to the polls and voted again. She admits that....

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