© ™ What have I done over the years?

( Written in 2010, thirteen years ago.)

I’ve come up with these ideas:  

  • Government Spending must decrease. The PA House and Senate staff should be cut 50% and the four (4) political caucus offices inside the Harrisburg capitol should be closed; the equipment sold; the furniture burned and the rooms fumigated. (See the Grand Jury Special Report and the Judges unusual steps to make the report public.) The political caucuses are four extreme Houses of Corruption, worse than Tammany Hall or the Chicago Daley mob where police earned more money from pay-off’s than from the city. See Tannany Hall and Political History of Chicago on Wikipedia.

  • Government should get out of medicine. Government cannot practice medicine so government should have nothing to do with medicine except to prosecute fraud and other crimes. How can we be certain medicine is safe? The same way we make sure everything else is safe. 

  • Government is force. Force needs to be controlled. Government has gotten far beyond the control of the people and now works against a lot of people. Just think about how much government is involved in your personal life. Maybe you think government is good. That’s wrong. Government is force. Force needs to be controlled.

  • What 3 things should government do? Protect you from 1. criminals, (police and the courts) 2. invasions, the military, and 3. provide a court system. The police do #1, the military does #2 and the courts do #3. That’s all that’s needed. Anything else or anything less is bad government and therefore immoral and illicit. 

  • Government should not get credit, – never, – because they use credit to steal money. 

  • The Budget should be Cut  in Half, balanced and paid every year

  • Regulating business hurts customers.  Manufacturing was chased overseas, the jobs lost and the rust-belt and a crushed private economy are the predictable results. 

  • Government must stop confiscating earnings.

  • Follow the Constitution which limits government, controls government and frees the people. Government is force. People are servants to government. It’s a cruel lie to tell people the government is their servant. Governments serve governments by mounting and riding on the backs of the people. Government enriches itself. 

  • Enforce the Bill of Rights against big government to get government under control.

  • Stop government borrowing. Giving government money is worse than giving cocaine to a crackhead.  

  • Audit the Federal Reserve. They print money and keep it secret

  • Audit Fannie Mae. Find out who received the free money

  • Audit Freddie Mac. Ditto

  • Increase personal freedom by making the government spend less and regulate less.

  • Work to keep, then increase private sector jobs and cut public jobs.

  • Cut government spending 75%

  • Cut taxes; cut duties and cut surcharges which get passed on to consumers

  • Enforce American Patents in China, and everywhere

  • Protect American business against foreign governments that conspire against America

  • The best way to protect Americans overseas is to use the Military. 

  • The Military should only be used to break things and kill people

  • The Military should only be used to fight a war

  • Victory is the only strategy for a War. Victory.

  •  Cut government spending 

  • Public Office should not be a career. Two terms then go home

  • Privatize government services as much as practicle ASAP

  •  Support Economic Freedom and oppose income tax, gasoline tax; permit fees, fees, license fees and all attempts by government to get more money

  • College diplomas should certify people as competant, not government

  • Certification for trades should be done by private means, not by government

  • Certification should be private. Outsource certification to insurance companies, employers or private companies like NFPA and UL

  • Increase Freedom. Limit Government

  • Drill for oil everywhere practical.

  • I’ve been listening to the people. They are really, really pissed at the Liberals, the Left, the Media, Academia, Hollywood, Those Who Constantly Attack White People in General and White Men in particular.

  • There’s a War against White People Going On In America. That has to be stopped.That must be stopped……

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