Oct 312017

It’s a last gasp effort to get Trump out of the White House and it proves Mueller is about as evil as he can get. A Nothing-burger, as empty as a political charge can be and Trump will eventually pardon Manafort because there’s nothing there. The very laws that are alleged to have been broken are themselves of doubtful constitutionality. Mueller went way out of his jurisdiction to get something on Manafort. Manafort can easily claim gross over-reach by Mueller and the basis of the indictment a political witch hunt so Manafort’s lawyers should be able to handle this with no negative consequences for the president. . . .
Nor can Mueller prove intent which is a necessary element, Mens Rea, the proof of a criminal intent to break a law. That’s why Mueller himself should be investigated and most likely charged with the crimes he committed.The indictment is for both Manafort and Robert Gates
The laws that Mueller alleges Manafort and Gates violated are so esoteric and confused that almost no one can follow them. The indictment is 31 pages of double spaced small print so it’s not really a big, big deal. Yes, Manafort will have to deal with it but if it goes as most indictments like this would be expected to go it will see no further action during the Trump Presidency. .


Oct 312017

Separate the races to keep peace in the culture is the clear message of the black NFL-rich-beyond-measure players who don’t care about the feelings of the white players on the supposed “team” from which they separate to protest how whi8te people treat black people.

White America mostly tries to understand: black people, the Kneelers, the NAACP, The Urban League, the First Black President, # BlackLivesMatter, the Black Caucus and many other non-diverse black skin color first groups. They are easy to understand. They want to be included in all of the other groups but they want to stand out because they are different than the white people. It’s only about race and it’s all about race. 
The very existence of black people prove there are race-based differences among people even while they want to make those differences invisible. It won’t work because it can’t work because no person or group of people did it. It’s nature. Get over it.

The Supreme Court says it’s OK to consider race to create a diverse student body. It’s not about righting past wrongs.  See the case: “Fisher v. University of Texas, No. 14-981”,  which ruled that admissions officials may continue to consider race as one factor among many in ensuring a diverse student body. So the NFL Kneelers are part of Race Based Affirmative Action according to their skin color. Who could have known??

The problem with the Supreme Court is they want a diverse culture and yet, contradictorily they want to continue to use race…..skin color…to calculate the success of the program to ignore skin color.. Get it?? The Supreme’s didn’t.
Roger Clegg, the president of the Center for Equal Opportunity, which supports colorblind policies, said the decision, though disappointing, was only a temporary setback. Barack Obama didn’t get it. he told reporters at the White House. “we do strive to provide an equal shot to everybody.”. . . Which means everyone is equal….which they aren’t. Don’t blame people, it’s nature.
Most people cannot play football at the level of the black NFL kneelers. Who cares if they kneel or stand on their black fists? As long as they can play football better than other people they should have a job playing and it they want to call attention to their skin color who cares? Who should care? They prove why they are different every time they run on the football field and when they refuse to salute the American flag to show they hate America. they may say they don’t hate America, they just want to change it. OK. But unless they hate America the way it is they wouldn’t want to change it. So they hate America. 

Fred Reed brilliantly wrote: ….”People cluster by intelligence. With high consistency, we choose mates of intelligence close to our own. Likewise with friends: If you have an IQ of 100, or 150, you are unlikely to have friends of 150, or 100. Bright people join Mensa not from snobbery but because they want to be around people like themselves. On the internet this takes the form of distributed cognitive stratification in which people from around the globe congregate by intelligence.” They cluster by race too. The kneelers prove that every Sunday. They are black people who object to the way they are treated or perceived by white people. 

Fred continues: We prefer to be with our own race. Look at what people do, not what they say. Blacks do not find the company of white people compelling, and the most liberal of whites spend ninety-five percent of discretionary time with other whites. If whites do spend time with blacks, those will be of their own age, educational level, accent and, except in couples, sex. They will probably feel self-conscious anyway.”
We spend our time with people of our own culture. Jews flock together. We have Chinatown, Little Saigon, Little Italy. Good ol’ boys and Boston Brahmins do not party together.

“We tend to spend our time with others of our own level of wealth. If you drive a Lexus, you likely do not have friends with second-hand clunkers.

“There is worse than lack of socializing. Diversity is not a strength but, when separation is not possible, perhaps the planet’s chief cause of butchery and hatred. Think for example Sunnis and Shias, Tamils and Sinhalese, Jews and Moslems in Palestine, Kurds and Turks, Turks and Armenians, blacks and whites in America, Catalans and Spaniards, Basques and Spaniards, Tutsis and Hutus in Burundi, Francophones and Anglophones in Canada, Moslems and Hindus in Kashmir, Russians and Chechens, Mexicans and Anglos in Arizona, Protestants and Catholics in Ireland, and so on.

“For that matter, Trump’s supporters and haters cannot stand each other’s company. In general, liberals and conservatives coexist at best uneasily in social situations.
“In universities we equally see natural human resistance to mandated association. In particular blacks increasingly demand their own fraternities, student centers, graduation ceremonies, and departments of Black Studies. Thus we have the silly spectacle of universities struggling to recruit diversity which, once recruited, struggles to segregate itself.
“Much of today’s anger would diminish if we allowed people to live in neighborhoods of their own kind, and study in schools of their own kind, and be policed by their own kind, and to establish clubs as they like. We could call this something like, oh, say, “freedom.”
There are many things that cannot be changed. Skin color, except for very rich peole like Michael Jackson, cannot be changed. Get over it.
Let’s watch some football….

Oct 302017

Ken Burns is a confused but successful film maker. He said we should hear from all sides that were in the Vietnam war; the North Vietnamese civilian; the Vietcong guerilla fighter, our erstwhile allies in the South.
But when it comes to the history of the South and the Civil War it’s, “Take those monuments DOWN!” More precisely, “Check the date on which the monument went up,” instructs the Burns. “If it’s the 1880s and 1890s take it down! They’re all, then, about the reimposition of white supremacy.”
What a bewildered, belligerent little man.

Oct 302017

Simply put, superiority in athletics is easy to measure. The winner in a race; The highest jumper; The strongest person. Intellectual ability is easy to measure too. Some people know more words. Some people know more than one language. Some people read faster.

IQ tests are suspicious to many people because what is being measured is invisible. Intelligence is a factor in sports but so are physical skills. A football player has to be strong and fast and in addition needs the ability to think under pressure. But the question is why are some people superior?
Everyone has attributes and abilities. Some have more and better attributes. Why?
Partly because of their DNA. The ability to think is widespread although it’s clear some people are better at it and some are worse.

Oct 302017

The history of slavery is in danger of being cancelled and so that future generations will never be made uncomfortable. that’s the flip side to the removal of monuments and plaques to Washington and Lee which was just done by Christ’s Church in Alexandra Virginia.If some monuments and history can be scrubbed, all history can be scrubbed.

Oct 292017

William Watson does and excellent job explaining why taxes hurt business HERE.   Donald Trump who is a master businessman knows the damage higher taxes do to business so he’s taking the opposite approach to Canada and cutting taxes. America will go BOOM! while Canada goes BUST!

But Canada is a Socialist Welfare State so the consequences of less business and less profit will not affect Canadians who will get their welfare either way. 

The best thing government can do for business is to get out of the way which means cut taxes and regulations. Let the free market decide which businesses win and which are driven out of business. That’s not only fair but it’s moral too meaning it will make human life easier.