This page is about some of the tactics government uses to restrict freedoms and about some of the corruption caused by the Progressive / Social Justice / Socialist / Left Wing / Marxist and Marxist Derivitives such as Communism, Fascism, Liberation Theology and other collectivist and individual-sacrificing moral codes. All those “ism’s” destroy private jobs and force the private job holders to pay for the Social Programs which is why Margret Thatcher said: ” Socialism works – until you run out of other peoples money”.  

Ganster Government is the consequence of violating the Constitution. Chicago style “GANGSTA GOVERNMENT” is the destruction of enemies by the misuse of government power, for example, using the Car Czar to close Republican owned Chrysler Dealerships while keeping Democrat owned Chrysler Dealers open. 

 The use of the idea of Socialism is used to trick people into accepting Constitutional violations as necesary to improve the lives of the mediocre people who supposedly cannot exist without a welfare state.

The Cost of Socialism is never mentioned by Socialists or Marxists. The question to ask about every progressive big-government idea is: “Who Pays”? In the case of closing the Republican Chrysler dealers, the dealers that were closed had to be paid for their losses. They were paid with tax money. The remaining Democrat Chrysler dealers benefitted from fewer Chrysler dealerships nearby. Their benefits were more sales and higher profits. Their costs were a few bucks contributed to the Democrats. The closing of Republican Dealerships by political loyalty is a case study in corrupt, “Gangsta Government”.

GOVERNMENT IS TOO BIG. Washington takes too much from us. The Private Market serves us better than government delivered goodies.

“Congress Shall Make No Law…” See the 29  June, 2010 Supreme Court Decision in McDonald v. Chicago for a slightly good decision regarding sensible ideas about guns.

Locally, Bucks County has become a national battleground for the 8th Congressional seat.  The hot national issue is Universal Health care, followed by Immigration,  the Federal lawsuit against Arizona and the new Banking law.

The CORNHUSKER KICKBACK or the NEBRASKA COMPROMISE is the December 2009 bribe by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nebraska Democratic Senator Ben Nelson allegedly to secure his vote as the last Democratic hold-out for the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (H.R. 3590) allowing states to restrict abortion funding and giving Nebraska 100 percent federal funding of the Medicaid expansion indefinitely into the future. 

Democrat Senator Kent Conrad, North Dakota, said the deal was not unusual, and states often receive individual deals. Three months prior Reid secured in the health care bill 100 percent funding for Medicaid in Nevada. A later version gave all states 100 percent funding for the first three years of the Medicaid expansion, with the exception of the above provision made for Nebraska. For all other states the costs would be about 15 cents on every $1 they receive from the federal government.

Then there’s the NEW LOUISIANA PURCHASE that continued the patterns of bribery and coercion.

The Federal suit against Arizona’s common sense attempt to control some of the Illegal Immigrants is toxic for the Democrats because Arizona’s laws mirrors the the Federal Govnerment’s own laws. The issue will help Republican Mike Fitzpatrick and hurt Murphy as the trickle down effect of Washington Politics stays on voters minds come November.

The new Job-Eating Financial Regulations for banks is a 2,300 page Legislative Monster. It will send financial jobs overseas. At 330,000 words it’s half the size of the King James bible. Regulation of Banks means “bail out banks and charge the taxpayers”. Regulations cause periodic depressions like 1929 and 2009. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac force banks to obey social program directors, called regulators who are dictators in $5,000 taxpayer paid suits like Barney Frank and Nabcy Pelossi to force banks to lose money. Government bails out banks and the social programs are covered up as the government blames the lack of bank regulation for the depressions. The way out is very simple. Close failed banks. No social programs for banks to impliment means far less bank failures. Stronger banks mean financial jobs stay in America.   

Patrick Murphy (D) was elected in 2006 by 1,500 votes over Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick and re-elected in 2008. Obama signed a Murphy supported bill to boost Murphy’s chances against Fitzpatrick and to help offset Murphys Happy to Oblige Barack position on just about everything. Murphy must be in more trouble than is commonly perceived if he’s happy to appear with Obama.

Michael Fitzpatrick (R), “Mike”, is running against Murphy again. Voter disatisfaction with Obama whose approval rating is in the tank, hovering around 27% because people judge him to be almost incompetant: Stimulus that failed; Bailouts that failed: Take over two car companies to pay-off union contributors; Universal Health Care that means longer waiting lines, worse care, more suffering and earlier deaths; Failure to coordinate the Gulf Clean_Up; Still no capture of BinLadin; Gitmo still open; Terrorists trials in New York cancelled after people rose up against it; Cap and Trade; Card Check. The list of Federal problems grows almost everyday which helps Fitzpatrick immensely.

Congressman Murphy was elected in 2006 partly due to gerrymandering the district by running the line down York road, past Republicans to Hatboro where it widens and looks like a lollypop. Murphy picked up 1,500 voted from Hatboro and beat Fitzpatrick by 1,500.

Plus, in 2007 Murphy was seen as a counterweight to President Bush. Now Fitzpatrick is seen as a counterweight to Obama.

Obama was elected in 2008. The Senior Citizens who paid their dues into Social Security but did not get a cost of living adjustment this year and next year from Obama and who are feeling the pinch of inflated prices as well as realizing Obama will not give them a cost of living/inflation adjustment until 2012 will be supporting Fitzpatrick.

People who want Government run Health Care, like Canada, along with rationing and with “death panels” deciding when people will be put into “hospice” to help them die can  show Obama they support him by voting for Murphy.

There are other issues.

Bucks County has it’s share of Dirty Presidential Politics.

  • Whoever is elected should promise to:
  • Follow the Constitution:
  • Follow the Bill of Rights.
  • Restore Individual Rights
  • Provide lots of Tax Relief, especially for the elderly
  • Ease government regulations that send jobe overseas
  • Protect the Liberty of each citizen.
  • Write Legislation and Work to get “Legacy Legislators to go home.”
  • Oppose to the limits of endurance the Systematic Corruption in Government
  • Go home after two terms.
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