12,000 absentee ballots won’t be counted on election day but will be held until the number of votes in the Patrick Fitzpatrick Michael Murphy race are known. Across America, from the most crooked wards in the most crooked state with more politicians convicted, Chicago, of course, to Doylestown, the system can’t be trusted. Look at the Al Gore attempted swindle in Florida where the chads kept piling up to the Al Franken Senate majority seat swindle to the held up absentee ballots in Doylestown to see the system is very broken. PA’s crooked corrupt politicians, courts and judges were able to keep Ralph Nader off the ballot. The case is still going on and is in the DC Circuit.  The PA courts are in on it and all the way down to the smallest Board of Elections in the smallest county of PA. The Republicans even confiscated little pieces of paper from other Republicans on Primary Election day, 2010 and two Bucks Judges were in on the injunctions.  Too much evidence of corruption gets swept under the table.  

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