What is wrong with these people? Are they on Crack?

In this bad economy citizens cut their costs, spend their savings to keep their lives somewhat normal and look for bargains to offset inflation. Not Northampton Township.

The Supervisors and the Water and Sewer Authority, formed so they could increase taxes but call it payments for water and sewer service, continue to hand out raises like candy at Halloween. 

The budgets are full of mis-statements about the spending in 2010 and 2011. The spending is out of the control of the Supervisors who don’t even get reports about performance to budget. If they do, they won’t release them. For example, the 2010 spending is about 24% over budget despite the false claims that the spending is on target.  The 2011 budget is too high by the Township Managers own words. He claimed it is conservative, meaning there is money in the budget that will not be needed. 

The 2011 budget has a $700,000.00 Fire Truck. The 2010 budget had $750,000.00 for the same truck and the $750,000.00 was spent in 2010 but not for the truck so the over-spending in 2010 is about 32% over-spent. Like I said, out of control.

The total tax take is about $26-$28 Million a year for the Supervisors and more for the Water and Sewer but the spending reports each month only report on about 40% of the totals. Somebody spends the rest and keeps quiet about it.  

These things must change. One Supervisor seat is up for election in 2011. Re-Elect No One.  

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