Township governments all over Bucks are announcing their spending plans for 2011. All are too high.

Badly made contracts that continue rubber stanp raises that are often un-deserved; un-necassary vehicle purchases or equipment with more features or bigger than needed; and un-necessary hiring are some of the ways the Township Rulers cost people more money. limit our free market choices and chase jobs from Bucks County.

Northampton spun off their job to provide water and sewer service by creating a Water and Sewer “Authority”. It was a way to avoid saying taxes are too high. They invented “fees for service” which is another government word for a tax.  

Most Bucks Townships are awash in money but they spend more almost as an annual ritual. There is no way to stop them. It’s one of the sad things that happened in America. A township is a local government that rules the people. It should be the other way round. What can be done? Find people like me who can reverse the spending while doing the things government should do but no more.

More than just me are needed but you have to start somewhere.

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