Immigration is today’s hot button issue. America was built by them so lets get bigger by getting more immigrants –but what about the quality of the imports? Are immigrants better or worse for America? What about immigrants from the president’s seven banned countries? It comes down to jellybeans. If you know one jellybean is fatal would you eat a few?
Despite the high coincidence of terrorists with Islam, the president didn’t ban terrorists because that’s impossible for two reasons. One, the religious outcry and two the inhumanity. Neither is dispositive.

Terrorists look like the other jellybeans. The president can’t ban jellybeans. Since it’s impossible to identify terrorists it’s inhumane to try. The SJW’s win. Let all in.

Immigrants are not citizens by definition. Like jellybeans they aren’t all fatal but there are a small number of exceptions. You can feed, clothe and house the exceptions if you like but not where they are dangerous which is to say, not here.

H-1B visas mean the alien doesn’t want to be an American citizen. A green card is an H1-B visa that lasts for 10 years. These aliens aren’t citizens. Do some want to be citizens? That desire doesn’t make them safe jellybeans, does it?


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