Ten days and he fired the top law enforcement officer for refusing to follow his law banning immigrants from seven countries. But that’s the law. An Executive Order is the law. Sally Q. didn’t agree. She defiantly refused to defend his executive order thereby announcing in effect she was betraying America. A replacement was sworn in 15 minutes before she was sacked.

Yates avoided jail by packing up and leaving. Will she travel to one of the seven countries in President Trumps immigration ban? Who can say. If she believes in her principles that those people are OK, she should prove it by hopping on a fast plane and walking around the public square in say Yemen or maybe Iran and shaking hands with the mullahs there. Her elevator doesn’t go all the way up. 

She can always get a job with the Screen Actors. Or James Cameron would hire her in a minute because she agrees with him as he does with her. Yates will probably be on The View tomorrow.

Too bad Obama can’t be fired too.