Cameron believes in Climate Change. He doubts it’s fake. He thinks the fake science is real but his world is far from the real world in which most people live. He’s condemned President Trump because the President doesn’t like being fooled. Millions agree with and voted for the President but Cameron can’t figure that out.

Cameron is an “Election Denier”. He’s a director. Nothing original or creative about directing. Read the book. Yell out “Action. Watch the actors act. Job over.
Cameron’s loopy. Made too much money. Thinks he knows more than the American’s who voted for Donald J. Trump.

Same for the others at the SAG Awards. One of the fantasy experts thinks he’s the president or something. He actually said: “We stand up here representing a diverse group of people, representing generations of families who have sought a better life here from places like Nigeria, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ireland,” said star Taylor Schilling. (Who) ‘And we know that it’s going to be up to us and all you, probably, to keep telling stories that show what unites us is stronger than the forces that divide us.” he said as he worked hard to divide America into those few SA’s who agree with him and the rest of America. He also didn’t realize it but he never mentioned representing the people who buy the tickets. Instead he separated people into groups by country.not realizing he didn’t mention America.

Another one of the SA’s called the President “a monster”.

How hard is acting? Kids do it quite naturally when they play. they pretend. Adults who pretend are called actors but they act like kids.

Another dimwit, Julia Louis Dreyfuss said she’s the daughter of an immigrant from France. “And this immigrant ban is a blemish and it is un-American.” Sure hope she isn’t hurt by an immigrant like the ones who drove a truck in Nice or those who murdered the people in Paris at the Bataclan or at Charlie Hebdo. Dreyfuss seems to prefer suicide for America over protecting America from terrorists. She forgot about the Immigrant Boston Bomber brothers or the Orlando terrorists or the San Bernardino shooters or the 9/11 terrorists. immigrants all.

These fortunate goofy’s can say dumb things then, protected by their bodyguards go to sleep while other American’s worry about people like the Fort Hood shooter, the terrorists like those who murdered the 11 Israeli Olympians in Munich in 1972, 44 years ago and they are still at it. Good thing these Screen Actors aren’t in charge of anything.

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