Mocking the truth is the lifeblood of Harry Reid. Without lies his blood flow would slow and his brain would freeze. His lies about the “do-Nothing Congress” that actually passed 500 bills to him. He threw them away then lied about them.

The Senate is the problem. Harry Reid is the problem and Barack Hussein Obama’s “Revenge On America” isn’t the solution. Obama’s secret life, his locked up records from his birth to college; his America-hating parents and grandparents his Socialism and Saul Alinsky dirty tricks are more than enough problems for America but this man is as against America as our enemies because he’s inside America. He has a voice. He has deceived. He has liars who follow his lead. From forcing Obamacare down our throats and into our wallets, to completely undermining the economy by increasing the cost of our food by 13%, stopping the Keystone Pipeline; stopping drilloing in the Gulf which Castro took advantage of; to increasing the price of gasoline 53%, to opening our borders to flood America with welfare collectors, to 13 million more on food stamps, to increasing the National Debt 68%, to losing Iraq and the Crimea, to following Vladimir Putin’s lead, to militant Islam moving all over the Middle East and Africa; to playing more golf than Tiger Woods, President Obama has hurt us when he was supposed to help.

What should we do? Vote out every phony from the Senate. Send some money to our friends who are running against the America-haters of the Left. Vote out the corrupt friends of Dingy Harry Reid. Vote for Freedom from a bloated government. Vote against the Liars on the left. Vote against the dopy Hollywood pretty people. Vote for limited government. Vote for a stronger America. Vote Republican on Nov 4th.

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