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The Left Is Lying To You….

“Whether it is the fabricated dire consequences of so-called climate change, the myth of rampant white nationalism, the fabrication that this is a virulently racist nation, the fictitious wonders of socialism, the...



Save $50,000 On Studying The Bible

This program included: Library: 2,850+ digital books including Continental and Hermeneia commentaries (71 vols), Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (15 vols), Anchor Yale Bible (90 vols.), and more. That’s 2,850...


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DESTROY INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT Behind the government is an invisible system that misleads the people. That system operates by bribery, propaganda and ensnarement. It has no allegiance and acknowledges no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt groups and corrupt politics is the first task of a culture that desires to remain free.