A dramatic and penetrating study which reveals that the Black Lives Matter ideologues do not seek “racial equality” but rather the total destruction of whites and their civilization-and are driven by a deep, underlying mass psychosis which falsely and wrongly blames white people for all problems encountered by nonwhites trying to fit into a First World society.

Dealing forthrightly and fearlessly with the unalterable genetic traits, the low IQ, the character, psychology, and behavior-which are the true causes of racial disparities in crime, socioeconomic status, education, and health-this book conclusively refutes the claim that “systemic racism,” a code word for “blame whitey,” is the cause of nonwhite failure to achieve parity in white nations around the globe.

This biologically predetermined imbalance in outcome causes huge psychological stresses upon all groups, and manifests itself in nonwhites blaming whites for everything, manufacturing hate crime hoaxes at the rate of one every five days, and an ever-growing plethora of self-justifying lies and invented history, all of which could be alleviated by the simple solution proposed in the book’s conclusion: physical geographical separation.

Reviewed in this expansive work are:

-The myth that police in the US are targeting blacks;

-That 95% of blacks killed in the US are killed by other blacks;

-That whites suffer disproportionately from nonwhite criminal attacks (and not the other way around, as claimed);

-That poverty and “environment” do not necessarily “cause” high crime rates;

-That low IQs has been proven to be linked to crime and all the socioeconomic ills blamed on whites;

-That blacks bear greater responsibility for the slave trade than anyone else (as Africans sold the slaves, and, in colonial America, owned more black slaves, proportional to their population size) than whites;

– That there is a hate crime hoax every five days in the US-indicative of a mass psychosis; and that these hoaxes are ruthlessly propagated by the mass media;

– That the establishment is “systemically racist” against whites in terms of affirmative action and other anti-white discriminatory measures.

Finally, this work shows how the psychological stress which underlies all racial tension can only be alleviated by physical geographical separation of the races, as only then can each group achieve its fullest potential without being in perpetual conflict with others.

With 473 footnotes, this 290-page work is fully referenced from authoritative sources only, including dozens of scientific papers and studies. It contains 79 illustrations, three tables, and is fully indexed.

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