Nov 192013


DCNR – PA Department of Conservation and Resources has $8 million to spend on the “Upper Park” in Solebury Township.

PHMCPennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) is the official history agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

FWCP – The Friends Of Washington Crossing Park, a 501(c)(3) private, non-profit corporation.  incorporated in January 2010 “to support”(?) the PHMC in operating Washington Crossing Historic Park.

Washington Crossing Historic Park is a 500-acre (2 km²) site operated by The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission “in partnership”(?) with the Friends Of Washington Crossing Park.

Washington Crossing State Park is a 3,575-acre State Park in New Jersey. The park is operated and maintained by the NJPF – New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry.

Who are these people and what’s going on behind the scenes? Why should you care? Why is $8 million allocated by PA for Solebury but nothing for the bulk of the park in Upper Makefield?   



Nov 012013

What a low life bunch, these four carpet bagger politicians who parachute in when their gang members can’t carry the burden of winning a Supervisor election. Led by Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, joined by Lt. Governor Jim Cawley, State Senator Tommy Tomlinson and State Rep. Scott Petri,they are desperate to rescue the loser candidacy of two Republican Supervisor candidates in Northampton. They put their reputations on the line for what? A township Supervisor race that can’t be won by the two Republicans who are running against Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham?

These four carpet baggers should keep their noses out of Northampton’s business. Especially because the last guy they supported lost.

The two Northampton Republican Supervisor Candidates are without good plans for Northampton. In fact, as has been proven on this website they have cost Northampton a ton of money and will waste even more if by some unjust election process they get to handle the tax money of Northampton.

Read the so-called campaign literature from those four political sky divers. Nothing about their plans for Northampton. The four have almost no involvement in Northampton. State Representative Scott Petri spent more time at Tea Party meetings in Levittown than in the neighborhoods of Northampton. It’s simple payback for him for the work done by Northampton Republicans to help him get elected.

Lt Governor Jim Cawley often helped the third carpet bagger, State Senator Tommy Tomlinson, moil the Northampton Republican Committee for votes. They would need Google Maps to find the streets of Northampton. Same for Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick who was elected because he went to Tea Party meetings for a year before his re-election. Fitzpatrick owes a lot to  the Tea Party so why is he supporting Republicans now? The Congressman has never been to a Northampton Supervisor meeting and didn’t help the beleaguered citizens with the West End Sewers, the Cell Towers or the Public Water Project.

These four have visited the Northampton Commmittee to pander for votes so the Committee want’s the favors repaid but they are four Carpet Baggers whose opportunism and exploitation of Republican voters by writing letters to endorse two loser Republican Candidates with a failure of a campaign, shows none have the slightest interest or plans to help Northampton. Proof? They never have.

Oh, sure, they stage “Senior Events” where we can collect information from the Republicans at the courthouse and get some free cheap food but that isn’t being involved with the water, sewer, roads, cell towers and traffic that have plagued Northampton for decades.  They have been AWOL in finding corruption. Perhaps they have a “Town Meeting” where they will “listen to your concerns”, leave, and neither do anything about your idea nor work on one of theirs for Northampton.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are: Pestilence, War, Famine and Death. They are the agents of Satan. Petri, Tomlinson, Cawley and Fitzpatrick could benefit from their example.

Be a Voter on Novenber 5th. Send a massage to the Four Horsemen who leap into our election then disappear. Be a voter for Northampton by supporting two good guys who live here. Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham.

Oct 302013

The Northampton Republicans are frightened. Their losing margin is increasing. They resorted to having a State Representative lower himself and make phone calls, robo-calls to the residents. State Rep Petri proves he’s either been conned by the two Republican candidates for Northampton Supervisor or he’s a willing partner in the Northampton Republican Corruption Schemes, past and to come if his candidates prevail. They won’t. Rothermel and Cunningham will win as will Barbara Bucknum the Republican Tax Collector who was added to the bi-partisan Democrat Ballot.

The Northampton Republicans not only never did that, they never even hired Democrats. Petri should endorse Barbara Bucknum but either he can’t because he’s not bi-partisan he or won’t because he’s part of the Northampton GOP’s corruption schemes.  

Petri mentions how one of the Republicans worked without getting paid but Petri thinks that’s the same as cutting spending. The Northampton Republicans never cut spending. They overspent for 200 years, raided the Open Space fund and raised taxes hundreds of times and Petri knows they will do it again as soon as they can.

Petri failed to mention the contributions he collected from the two rascals he’s supporting. He also thinks the $190,050.00 solar panels didn’t cost anything. What? Let me repeat that because it shows some serious mentation problems. Petri is just not capable of truth in the matter of supporting the two Republican rascals. The solar panels cost taxpayers $190,050.00. How does Petri conclude that’s free?

One candidate “missed” finding missing millions when he was Township Auditor. The other spent almost a quarter million in tax money  to save $1,500 a year in electric charges. and Petri thinks that’s saving money. What’s wrong with him? Petri has been a better man until now. How could he stoop so low? Perti’s like the three characters in the Wizard of Oz who needed courage, a heart and a brain.

Vote for Rothermel and Cunningham or more people who need brains will get elected.

Sep 172013

Is a very musical song from the rock group Journey. Since 1981 the melody has floated into our lives but in Northampton it’s a wrong idea. Stop believing in the Northampton Republicans regardless of the things they use to try to convince you they belong in power.

For rock-solid believing Republicans Voters, getting the right information has been impossible until this website started to write the truth about the Northampton Republican Insiders and the massive, expensive mistakes they made in Northampton. Want a clear example? Bocce Roof.

No one admits how the money for the Bocce Roof came into the hands of Komelasky, Palestina, Kinney and Long when they were township Supervisors. Maybe some Right To Know voter will make a request to the township to release the documents but for now it’s only important to know the Northampton GOP built the expensive Bocce Roof for the little needed and little used Bocce court. This is not some magic trick, it’s a political trick just like so much of the underhanded business was handled in Northampton until Frank Rothermel brought his skill and good morals to the Northampton Supervisors.

Frank Rothermel, along with Rodger Bushnell and two others ferretted out the truth about the hidden sewer plans in Northampton and exposed them. That’s why there is so much Insider Republican outrage against Frank, Jim and Rodger from a group of hate mongers who supported three anonymous websites that, unlike this website and me that report the truth about the hidden information from the  Northampton Insider Republicans.

Their deceitful anonymous website in support of Northampton Republicans doesn’t beling in Northampton. One way to help the truth and the American way is to continue to vote for Rothermel and Cunningham. Check this website for more truth. It’s searchable. Use the search feature to find information about the deceptions of the Northampton GOP.

While you are looking for Republican Information search the internet for Congressman Fitzpatrick for whom I worked on election day. Mike is a good man. Morally he has the best values. He’s a lot like me. Almost perfect. 🙂

Sep 142013


The Political Insiders on the Northampton GOP, the Northampton Republican Committee support the following false statements.   

Referring to me, the childish website notes:  “their bullying operatives, XXXXXX XXXXXX and Bill O’Neill.” Bullying Operatives? Sounds like a bunch of Leninists talking about their revolution. LOL

“That’s not surprising as neither Bushnell nor O’Neill have actually done any real community service in Northampton.” George Komelasky knows I’ve offered many times over many years to serve on various committee’s and boards but Georgy and his flying monkey’s refused to appoint me and no wonder. They don’t want their schemes and tricks exposed. Theirs is a secret world, as proven by their anonymous website and their secret little kiss-up who can’t face the public.

What’s the criteria for community service? Paying outrageous taxes and fees is certainly for the benefit of the community and I’ve been dong that for decades. What about getting on the ballot? What about making and putting up political yard signs that Georgy and his monkeys rip down and count that as community service? Analysing the phoney Request for Bid for the phony money harvesting Solar Panel System?  When Komelasky, Deon, Kinney, Palestina, Freidman and John Long ran the township they sent out the municipal workers to rip up my political signs and throw them in the dumpster. They took me to court because I dared to get on the ballot. A crooked Commonwealth Judge ruled my signature was not my signature. Under color of the township they reaped their rewards but their schemes eventually failed as the voters took care of them by dumping them from power. 

Is the misshapen scatological wimpy falsehood who writes this anonymous comment on the Insider Republican supporting website providing public service or is it purposely trying to destroy my reputation?  

Wimpy continues: “The abused Tax Collector was observed riding in Rothermel’s car at the parade…” Afraid to sign your name Wimpy? Does it rhyme with Georgy Porgy Puddin head?

Wimpy Georgy Porky continues: [Editor’s NOTE: we have verified the presence of several participants showing support for Rothermel Cunningham who do not reside in Northampton Township.”

Wow. there’s a dumb comment. Northampton Days was started by the Komelasky regimes. Northampton Days is not run by Northampton at all. The entire celebration is run by non-township people. So little anonymous wimpy is helping outsiders by standing around the republican booth  where he collects his cheese. Wimpy doesn’t do anything and that’s why he doesn’t get paid.  LOL.


Aug 272012

Section 2911.1 of PA Title 25 is “The Sore Loser Law” so called because, as Harry Fawkes told me, Republicans who were defeated by the Republican party insiders in the Primary changed parties and ran in the General Election in the fall. Harry told me he made some calls and a section was added to the PA Code, section 2911.1, that stopped that.  Section 2911.1 reads: Any person who is a registered and enrolled member of a party during any period of time beginning with thirty (30) days before the primary and extending through the general  or municiple election of that same year shall be ineligible to be a candidate of a political body in a general or municiple election held in that same year nor shall any person who is a registered and enrolled member of a party be eligible to be the candidate of a political body for a special election.

Dec 192011

Government ruined Northampton by excessive and uncontrollable spending as well as by regulations and statutes that impose financial and labor burdens which must be paid under threat of punishment.  If a person desires to live in Northampton the lowest cost of the taxes that must be paid can be $5,000 a year, about One Hundred Dollars each week. Most residents pay over $7,500 a year.  

The township engages in a trick to hide tax increases. They provide an additional bill instead of just increasing the real estate tax. They break out trash collection and demand several hundred a year. Another $600 for sewer service. More for water service. More for being alive, called an occupation tax which is demanded even from retired people who no longer have an occupation. There is even a Northampton Income Tax.   

A tax is money that must be paid by individuals to government. Taxes are not voluntary. Taxes are forced payments taken pursuant to governments threat of punishment. Some think taxes are confiscations. A regulation that imposes an action is a tax because it requires money, time, and/or labor to be spent. The prohibition of an action such as forbidding the use of a 100 watt incandescent light bulb, requires intellectual labor be used to think up an alternate way to act.

Government often tricks citizens into accepting additional financial and labor burdens, including the use of labor to carry out demands by government. Socialists for example invent duties that must be done under threat of punishment for the failure to perform the required action, usually a payment to a government entity. Socialists base their tax claims on invented moral duties such as “community needs come before individual needs”.  

So the next time you hear someone say: “Northampton is a great place to live” tell them: “it used to be before government ruined it.”  

Township employees have travelled to Hong Kong and China and the taxpayers got the bills. 

Dec 052011

Not really FOR free but FREE OF the state’s monopoly over the sale of alcoholic beverages. PA is one of  21 monopoly states in the U.S.. All states control and regulate the sale of alcohol to some degree. Only 21 states are monopoly states that prohibit the free trade of alcohol.

It’s fiction to believe alcohol causes bad things. It’s the abuse of alcohol that alters behaviors. Behaviors are the results of individual decisions.  The bad things caused by alcohol abuse have been, and always will be, the result of poor decisions made by individuals. Stupid or dangerous behavior is a consequence of a adolescent  and immature thinking. Every poor decision is the result of personal activity. When an individual fails to comprehend the possible consequences of his or her own actions it’s not the role of government to take the ability to decide. Government should work to add more products to the free market by staying out of commerce. Government should get out of the sale of liquor like 26 states and most countries have already.  Having the government in charge of the sale of alcohol isn’t going to control or change the abuse of alcohol.
The answers to controlling alcohol abuse are not available from govenrment. Government can control things by making drunkedness a crime, which it has done. Stopping the sale of alcohol by continuing to make it a crime attacks free trade. Of course, govenrment doesn not want free trade. Government wants to stick it’s tax and spend nose into every aspect of our life. Granting itself monopoly control of alcohol is another example of the improper government use of power. Making liquor free of the govenrment’s monopoly of it’s sale is wrong on many levels. Liquor, like people, should be free of government’s power.

Dec 012011

This is easy stuff. The traffic on the roads is the consequence of not planning, poor planning or bad planning. Everytime you are in a traffic slowdown, think of the money government has taken but misused. The consequence is slow traffic. Less time to live your life. Easy stuff but serious stuff.