Where are Northampton’s standup Republicans?  Why are they keeping such a low profile and allowing a loudmouth spokesman to embarrass what was once a proud political party?  Only a few among the many recognize the decline of this party to which they belong.  Why are those in positions of leadership allowing and condoning the conduct of a small mob who would have you believe they represent the majority of Northampton’s Republicans?  The committeepeople may sit through meetings but they stand for nothing.  Splattered in seats at the supervisor meetings, they appear comfortable and in complete accord with the lies told by a relatively new big mouth who has willed himself poster boy for Republicans.  A misfit whose insufferable arrogance belabors the meetings with contrived accusations and positively blatant lies.

In District Nine for example, the committee man’s female counterpart is little more than a wobble-head like those in the back windows of cars.  Her position was bought for her long ago.  Any efforts in her role as committee woman in the community are non-existent.  Yet, shamefully, in the last election when she ran against a Real Republican challenger, she was re-installed by a number of back-room Republican bigwigs who came out in support for her.  What were they thinking?  This woman could be replaced by a tree stump.

Who is speaking for Northampton’s Real Republicans?  A ragtag little group comprised of the aforementioned complaining loudmouth, a member of the sewage board who refuses to answer charges and questions at his meetings but becomes aggressive and unruly at the supervisor meetings.  They have been joined by a thug like person who hurled rude and insensitive words at a supervisor and a cranky little fellow whose attempts to stir up trouble would be suitably placed beside a cauldron.  A parade may be in order since he has announced he is moving to Florida. Hurrah!  I ask again, where are the respectable, standup Republicans?  Some of us are rallying for the far better election choices on the Democrat ballot.


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