The Primary Election in Bucks County is two days away and there’s no one running a campaign.

Voting has become a cruel joke.

Politicians long ago learned how to ignore the rules. They eliminated Term Limits.

The purpose of term limits was to send the politicians home.

Today they don’t go home and no one can stop them.

JOKE VOTING. People can vote but their vote isn’t needed. The Politicians run the country and no one can stop them.

Right up to the President, the Primary Elections have become funnier than serious. Joker Voters.

The Roadside Campaign Signs are missing.

Roadside Campaign Signs are a sure sign an election is coming. Usually the politicians put up their signs and try to remove their opponents signs before the elections but no signs were erected because no votes are needed by the Politicians For Life.

There are a few signs here and there but nothing like other elections where campaign signs  were seen almost everywhere.

Years ago I sued, Pro-Se, four Bucks County Townships in Federal Court over their unconstitutional political sign ordinances and won.

It took two years in Federal Court against four townships. The file is two inches thick because of the Motions and Counter-motions. In the end the four townships “Removed their Offending Ordinances”.

Northampton Township tried me again. They passed more unconstitutional Political Sign Ordinances.  I sued then again and won again. They will try again.

But the Politicians Running Government succeeded in the end. Today, no signs are needed. Game, Set, Match. The Jokers no longer need the voters.

The Jokes on them.

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