No, not the Northampton Republican Voters, just the Insider Republicans and their Elephant Trainer: “My Life is Threatened”. Nonsense? He was attempting to be serious during a five hour meeting as the Chairwoman of the Board tried to be as gentle as possible with Don George and his choice for Insider Republican Leader who sold “Bad Deal Solar Panels” to the Sewage Board.

Northampton has had it from the likes of Vince Deon, Eileen “Break The Rules” Silver and George Komolasky. During the Komolasky years the Sewage Board was paralyzed because his Insurance Contract with the Sewage Board didn’t allow him to vote for Sewage Board members. He had to abstain from voting making it impossible for the four remaining Supervisors  to agree. The same conflict of interest will occur if either one of the Republican Supervisor Candidates is elected. More years of stalemate caused by a conflict of interest, this time because the salesman of the Solar Panels would have a conflict of interest too. He would deadlock the board 2 to 2, just like Komelasky did for years.

Bernie Madoff was the worst kind of individual, – a con man. He cheated his friends with his deceptions. Deception must have been used to “sell” the Solar Project. We know the project is too expensive because it is impossible to recoup the cost of the deal. How did the Sewage Board get the people on the hook for $190,050? By accepting an offer that made it look like $190,050 worth of solar panels would provide electricity for free.

An oxymoron is two contradicting words. Like “Living Dead” or  “Free $190,050”. The solar project is even more expensive than the alleged cost of $190,050 when all of the money is totaled up but as Supervisor Frank Rothermel found even that cost is too high as the Sewage Board itself failed to carry out their responsibility to identify the cost of the solar panel deal. Bernie could not have done it any worse. There is something we can do to stop the Madoff Legacy from infecting Northampton. Vote for both Rothermel and Cunningham because it’s the only right choice for Northampton.

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