Her single most descriptive achievement is lying. Hillary is easily the best liar in politics and the best liar in the 2106 Presidential Race. From Travelgate where she blamed, charged and finally fired the White House Travel Office employees to the Rose Law Firm Billing Records; to the $100,000 gift supposedly because she wisely invested $1,000 to her now infamous whiped servers, Hillary has been and remains a notorious Liar.

That’s why the recent nationwide poll by Quinnipiac ¬†showed the word most associated with Hillary s “Liar” followed by “Dishonest” then “Untrustworthy”. ¬†Unfortunately it showed Hillary still beats Trump 45 to 41 per cent. Joe Biden beats Trump even worse for Trump, 48 to 40 percent. the survey had more Democrats than Republicans as well as a very significant number of Independents and Tea Party types. Is it an accurate representation of what would happen if the election was held today? Probably not because sampling error and polling bias cannot be accurately measured. People give very different answers to pollsters compared to how the actually vote on election day.

Who will be the next President? At the moment it’s impossible to know.


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