Fracking will provide more energy at lower cost. That’s good. It’s good in terms of profits to the Frackers but it’s even better for the people who will pay less for electricity. Electricity increases our lives and makes them better. If you care about people you will applaud Fracking.

If, however you care about not disturbing the environment more than you care for men, women and children you don’t really care about people. You can fight against more and cheaper energy. In fact you will have to stand for less energy because getting energy disturbs what you value most. If protecting the environment is more important to you than protecting people you must oppose Fracking as well as the Keystone Pipeline, drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and using electricity. If you are true to your principles you will not use light bulbs or indoor plumbing because light bulbs and indoor plumbing require energy.

What about the rest of us who use energy to improve and lengthen our lives? We like great medical care because it lengthens our lives. Medical care requires lots of coal, oil and natural gas. A hospital cannot operate in the dark. Even the simple things like having clean sheets or cold apple juice need electricity. The more complicated things like telephones, medical laboratories and operating rooms need even more energy. Fracking fits our goals of living longer so Fracking is good. The more fantastic daily life becomes with better homes, better foods, cellphones, GPS, and better roads, the more fantastic life becomes so energy is fantastically good which makes Fracking Fantastically good, even great.

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