Robin Hood and Donald Trump. Robin beat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham with a few good people. Robin wasn’t part of the political system. Robin was an outsider who knew how to win despite the system. That’s what Trump did. The voters know what Donald did and they wish they could have done it.

Donald won in terms of money. He’s incredibly rich and he became rich outside the system. Or, he became rich despite the system. Trump beat the system. Despite the odds, Trump won big. 8 Billion big. The voters know they are outside the system, just like Trump. People like him more because he beat the system but never joined it. When it was necessary to “contribute” to the politicians, he contributed to all of them so he could get what was needed to complete his building projects. Trump figured out how to beat the politicians on his terms. He never joined them, he used them. That’s why Hillary came to his wedding to Melania. Hillary wanted the money that she knew Trump would give her to get favors from her.

People like Trump because he used the system against itself to get what he wanted. Personal success.

So far as “Tapping Into An Anger” as Carly Fiorina figured out, Fiorina was brilliantly right. We are angry. We only wanted to be left alone but the media/political/government system not only refused to let us alone, it robbed our money and gave it to undeserving people. The undeserving people are not the poor. The undeserving are the politicians who make promises to get us to vote for them, promises they never intended to keep they take even more money from us. Trump gets that and will change it. We think he can change it because the political system is driven by money. People who “donate” to the politicians know they can buy them by paying them off. Trump can’t be bought. He has plenty of money and it’s his money. He doesn’t need their money and he doesn’t want ours.

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