Fraud as massive as Obamacare has more than one perpetrator. Taking money from innocent people by the force of government, (that’s what a tax is), is wrong when governments use their tax power for social costs.

Taxes are necessary to pay for government, i.e., to pay for the basic police, military and court systems needed to protect the Rights of the individual citizens but governments go wrong when they take money from some citizens and give it to others who then get products for free. That’s massively wrong because it’s massively immoral.

That argument seems to run to fast. It’s too simple. But it’s true. When government goes into the redistribution of money it has to do it by lying to those who will be forced to pay. Gruber not only facilitated the economic lies about Obamacare, he enjoyed telling his insider friends how smart he was.

Illicitly forcing innocent citizens to pay for something as expensive as medical treatment for perhaps 40 million non-payers is a disgrace. Gruber, MIT and many others purposely deceived people “in a tortured way” to disguise the fact that they created a system by which “healthy people pay in and sick people get money.”

That’s intellectually sick. The fact that MIT’s name is in the forefront of this swindle shows the deep corruption within the academic community including especially at MIT. MIT is in the company of one of the most powerful and corrupt leaders to whom Harvard and Colombia provide their names to cover-up frauds. Disgraced Universities who mis-lead people who disgrace the human race. Sick intellectuals. Will the human race ever be without such frauds?

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