Sad, but true. One of the pillars of your life has been proven mostly false. The idea that the environment is more important than the people is false because the environment is really working against you. The environment is hostile and can be fatal. Hurricane Katrina proves it but there’s something even worse at work. The Mississippi River broke through the levee in New Orleans. Most people scrambled and fought to get to safety but 1,833 people were killed. The exact number of dead is admittedly unknown. Katrina damaged over a million homes which shows how deadly the natural environment really is. What’s worse than a hurricane? Lying about it. Official lies about anything is intolerable but the green movement blames the Mississippi disaster caused by a hurricane on government, not nature.  

Human intervention against the environment saved millions of people during and after Hurricane Katrina. Human intervention saves lives and gives billions of people the ability to flourish. Why isn’t that story told? Why does the myth that the environment must be protected endure? Why isn’t the truth, that people are the ones who must be protected against the environment, why isn’t that simple truth told? Why is the environmentalist agenda so against people?  

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