” It is a moral crime to give money to support ideas with which you disagree; it means: ideas which you consider wrong, false, evil. It is a moral crime to give money to support your own destroyers. ” by Ayn Rand, from The Galt Speech, in her novel Atlas Shrugged.

Look around. There are people in every culture who support their own destroyers. There are victims who blame themselves for the crimes committed against them. President Obama’s own mother blamed herself and American Culture for his father abandoning her and him. Ayn Rand referred to it as “The Sanction of the Victim”.  Google it to find out more.

There are Americans who blame America for 9/11. Yes, it’s idiotic to blame the people in the Twin Towers for creating the conditions in the Middle East that caused terrorists who had no choice but to fly airliners into the World Trade Center, …. but millions of Americans blamed America and President Bush for creating that dysfunction in the Terrorists. Sanction of the victim. The agreement of the victim that they caused the crime committed by someone else.

Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro, Obama’s mother, blamed herself and America for causing her abusive husband, Obama’s father to abandon both her and his infant son.  Sanction of the Victim.

Ann Dunham refused to accompany her husband Lolo Soetoro to social gatherings in Indonesia, her home, because there were Americans in attendance. He cajoled her: “those are your people”. She replied “they are not my people.” She also abandoned Barack and sent him back to Hawaii to live without her but she  held up Barack’s father as an example of a heroic man. That’s delusional. It’s psychotic to praise someone who wreaked havoc in her life and who abandoned his wife and his son.

There are white people who blame white people for the crimes of non-whites. Ferguson is a good example. Even worse, the President excused the rioters saying he was also the victim of racism like the police department in Ferguson practiced, even there is no evidence that happened. There’s a suspicious, biased “report” by the Presidents so-called Justice Department that makes, without evidence of racism, that claim and very few people disagree. So the police department in Ferguson caused the people of Ferguson to riot in Ferguson.

Good-hearted, Liberal White Americans displace their anger from the rioters of Ferguson to the Republicans; to George Bush; and to the white Americans who, they incredibly blame for the Ferguson Riots, just as they blame America for 9/11. Is that crazy? Of course, but that’s happening right now.

Sixty delusional faculty at the University of California, Irvine signed an on-line petition RS50-70, blaming America for the sin or crime of “Nationalism” and blamed the display of the American flag which “has been flown in instances of colonialism and nationalism”, …(ready for this) “and can be interpreted as hate speech.” This is the kind of delusional thinking that led to, for example, Universities allowing students to take over their Universities to protest during the Vietnam War Era. America doesn’t need enemies when there are professors teaching students how evil America is. This is more or less, uncontroversial within academia. Professor/Bomber Bill Ayres in his memoir was photographed stepping on an American flag. This is one of the men who encouraged the political career of Barack Obama. He went on to be elected two times as President in an incredible display of the psychopathology of victims blaming themselves for “the sin” of America. What is wrong with these people?

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