Unfortunately, those questions need to be asked of President Obama. His actions make it seem likely he has a hidden agenda which includes taking down the white race and their most popular religion. Simple favoritism towards black people violates the principles of America, President Obama has been attacking something he calls “systemic racism.

“The president has essentially changed his racial rhetoric,” said Paul Butler, a Georgetown Law professor and civil rights expert. “It has evolved from cultural critiques of African-Americans to his actually saying the word ‘racism.'” Why doesn’t the President preface remarks about police actions with the excessive crime rates and criminals who are black? It’s called “Context” Mr. President.

Obama can hold any views he desires but as President he is limited to seeking justice on all sides of the racial agendas. He can certainly favor black people, as he’s done and he should extend the same favoritism towards whites, Native Americans and all other cultures embedded in America but he doesn’t and he hasn’t. He’s wrong to do that.

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