He called the 9/11 bombers “Gallant”. Kelly called him on it and he said: “Yes” and claimed it makes his point about now America knows what it feels like to be bombed, conveniently forgetting how America began, in a war against the greatest power on the earth as well as Pearl Harbor and the invasion of Nazi occupied Europe. Churchill came across as a dishonest, dumb, double dealing crazy man who really hates America. He doesn’t want to leave though. Why not?

Kelly called him a “lunatic”. If he was acting on stage or in a movie his anti-American attitude would be understandable as a character who hates America but Churchill isn’t acting. He’s serious and he’s not alone among college professors who hate America. Professor Bill Ayres and his wife Professor Bernadine Dohrn agree with Churchill and even worse the President knows and supports them and others like them because that’s what the Left is all about. These are hateful and hating people who mis-understand the basis of America and confuse the actions of a few with the idea’s that undergird the United States of America.
But Churchill is a lightweight compared to Ayres and Dohrn who followed thru on their ideas by detonating bombs. Per “NewsClick India, November 4, 2010” Dohrn hypocritically railed against “The Right” because they are armed without appreciating her hypocrisy as a woman responsible for actual bombings.

These people should be laughed off the stage. The fact that they are not only tolerated but are honored by so many including university leaders who agree with and support their ideas is a sad commentary on the lack of or the mis-use of the reasoning ability of so many.

As Ayn Rand wrote: “It’s Earlier than You Think” meaning there are far too many people who don’t get this freedom stuff. The large number of Liberals in America prove Rand was right. Not only is it earlier than you think, it’s worse than that.

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