The people don’t want it, say many of  those who attend the Northampton Planning Commission meetings. The Township, the GIANT people and the Shop ‘n Bag people each have a squad of lawyers. The people have, well, no lawyers, at least lawyers who are being paid to represent the people. The issue is specifically should the GIANT store be built or not? Who will decide?

This won’t be decided until after the elections.  The township Board of Supervisors know a political tsumani will rise if they get this wrong but there’s no right answer. There’s no political advantage to the township to agree with the plans, so they’re going to delay and  make sure none of their fingerprints are on any approvals.

My proposal is for GIANT to buy the SuperFresh instead of building the so-called proposed store on the Davis property. The problem is Davis want’s to sell his property so he will lose the sale to Giant if Giant takes over the Super Fresh building.  That’s another problem and it can be solved with another proposal.

Davis and a group of citizens can figure out what else could be build on the Davis property. There are a lot of suggestions but none that solve the problem. Davis needs a buyer. Dresher can be the contractor but there needs to be a buyer to replace Giant. Giant is owned by a conglamorate that is based in Holland. That’s the Netherlands, not the Holland in Northampton.

But there’s another problem here. Richboro is a messy looking place. The government plans for Richboro don’t address the messy look. The solution to that is easy too. Elect me Supervisor. Then I can work to change Richboro and boy does it need changing. PECO needs to get rid of the ugly utility poles. I have a plan for that too, a plan which does not add to any tax burden. That’s one of my principles. I want to go even further and lower the taxes. I have plans for that too and you can probably guess those plans won’t increase the taxes.

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