I’ve repeatedly made the case that the real estate taxes in Northampton are too high. Here’s a response to a citizen who sent Bernie Saunders list of ten corporations that pay little tax or get a large refund.
“In a perverse way it’s good to get the report of the very low tax liability of some big corporations. It give me hope about cutting and eventually eliminating the Northampton Real Estate Tax. Why?

Because everyone should get the benefits of low taxes. Everyone should get the benefits that some corporations get. Carnival Cruise Lines, for example paid 1.1% and Exxon, Bank of America, ( one of my banks), Chevron and other big corporations paid zero or got a refund.

I see where the President and his wife paid 466 thousand income tax last year on earnings of a million eight hundred, mostly from his book sales, and they received a $12 thousand plus dollar refund although they paid $454 K in taxes for an income after taxes of $1.3 million.

The term “fair share”, used in the Bernie Sanders report is one of the more useful pejorative phrases in the language. It’s almost as useful as “bigot” or “racist” and like them it’s useful because it’s not really definable.

Taxes in general are a problem for many citizens and it gets worse for some people every day. I’ve talked to Northampton residents who have been forced to move from their homes because of the increasing taxes. The Northampton and Bucks County real estate taxes on our home are 500% higher than when we moved here from Philly and there’s an income tax by the township that was not part of the tax burden when we moved here.. That’s just one example and you know from my website, www.billoneill.info that last year the township collected money for a big $750,000 fire truck and didn’t buy it and the fire truck is only a small part of the financial mis-management of the township. Despite some heroic work by Frank Rothermel to bring more visibility to the accounting and spending process, the budget for 2011 is worse than the budget for 2010. Last year Pelligrino provided a lengthy narrative to explain the spending. This year there was none. Or, if there was one it wasn’t available in November, December or January The year is 33% over and there is no list of the number of people employed by the township, let alone the salaries and benefits. The salary of the head of the Water and Sewer department is not disclosed anywhere and Tony Albane refused to answer my questions about the amount or percent of the raise. I think it was 10% and $125,000 a year for Zuener but I have no official document, it’s just my belief.

So the fiscal abuse of those subject to taxation continues, as usual, mostly to the benefit of those in power. The tax code is the tip of a big financial iceberg that can be melted a bit by electing me to help solve the local problems caused in no small part by my election opponent and e-mailer, Deon who has refused three times to debate me.

With apologies for turning thin into an election commercial, let me close by inviting all to a fundraiser on May 8 from 2 to 4 at the Valley Stream Restaurant, a privately owned and commercial operation in Holland, (turn right at the end of Rocksville road, the Valley Stream is on the left). Rocksville road has a new attraction. A four foot square “DUMP DEON” sign. My contribution to the betterment of Northampton, in addition to the election sign is:
$15 for all the Shrimp, Mussels, Wings and soft drinks you can eat. It’s a better value if you arrive at 2 PM. You have two hours to try to get your $15 worth. My message at the fundraiser will be how to cut the Northampton Real Estate Tax.

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