It’s a big sign. “DUMP DEON”.

Why DUMP DEON?  *Because Deon’s  been an ineffective and sometimes nasty leader for Northampton. *Deon has few ideas. None of his ideas come to mind because there are none but of course I’m running against him so I’m biased.However it’s my sincere belief that Deon has failed to introduce meaningful ideas at the Supervisor meetings. My belief is even more fundamental. *Deon’s just not equipped by nature to get good ideas.

**Deon refused to debate me before the Primary Election. *He’s warned me against talking about things at the Supervisor meetings. That’s a First Amendment Violation. I’ve responded to him that Free Speech is supposed to be protected in America not gaveled down but *Deon has consistently ignored my advice.

*He warned Supervisor Frank Rothermel against talking about real estate transactions *then he violated his own rule and talked freely about his favorite real estate deal. *He was part of or in charge of buying the Richboro School House and selling it, “Flipping” is what it’s called when it’s done fast, for over a million dollars. *It looks like an insider deal. *It’s the appearance of impropriety that makes the deal stink.

*Same for shaking down contributors. In an infamous e-mail while he was a Supervisor Deon instructed political insiders to remind contributors of how well they did under Republican governments. deon’s e-mail was so egregious the party demanded he resign his party offices. *But he’s still a Supervisor. *Instead of being contrite and admitting his failures *Deon became even more arrogant and impatient, warning people they must not talk about things that displease him and almost sneering at citizens who objected. *Gavel-Banging must be an obcession with Deon. Witness his frequent gaveling down people with different ideas than his and even *shutting down the meetings when he doesn’t get his way instead of handling things in an adult and statesman-like manner. You can read his notice that you will not be permitted to say what you want at every supervisor meeting. Deon made sure it’s printed in every agenda for every meeting and it’s unconstitutional. As chairman Deon refused to allow citizens to address the board before the board voted on issues. Deon’s not been good for Northampton.

The question is not why is Deon endorsed but why is he running at all?  

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