Everyone is invited to a fundraiser on May 8 from 2 to 4 at the Valley Stream Restaurant, a privately owned Holland restaurant on Old Bridgetown Pike. (turn right at the East end of Rocksville road, The Valley Stream is on the left). Rocksville road has a new attraction. A four foot square “DUMP DEON” sign. My contribution to the betterment of Northampton.

$15 for all the Shrimp, Mussels, Wings and soft drinks you can eat/drink. It’s a better value if you arrive at 2 PM. You have two hours to get your $15 worth.

My message at the fundraiser will be how to cut the Northampton Real Estate Tax.

This is a unique fundraiser because everyone is invited, not like my opponent who only invited members of his own party. My idea is that the Supervisors of different political parties can and should work together to do what’s right. Please join me on May 8th. Please make your check payable to Friends of Bill ONeill. Thank you.   

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