It’s the fourth or fifth dirty political website to appear in Northampton and they falsely used my name as a contributor. They know they are lying about that as they know about all the other lies on the  Republican supported websites.  How pathetic are these little bugs. Like the kids nursery rhyme, Georgie Porgie who ran away when the girls came out. This is an infant in an adults body.

But Malidicta is their profession. Wrong Words. Lies really without credibility. Doctored video’s, foolish comments and a general diabolical way of thinking that defies reason. If this is what the Republican want then they deserved to lose the power in Northampton.

Georgie Porgie Puddin Head. Heard the truth but lied instead. When the Lies proved to be false, Georgie Porgie tried to waltz. Waltz instead of truth he found Wrong ideas, silly thoughts confound. This dark wizard cannot job. He deserves his screeching mob. 

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