Supervisor meeting  Feb 23, 2011  

Once again the disrespectful chairman and his cronies shut down the citizens comments on the agenda items. The meetings are rigged against the citizens. No discussion tolerated after the supers finish their comments. This is like a dictatorship where government censors everything.

After yet another dreary “Presentation”, those concocted awards that waste time and money, which could be anbd should not be done during a Supervisor meeting; after the presentations  two taxpayers expressed concerns and then the meeting was closed to the people. The Supers babbled on and tolerated no comments about any of the township issues. What a disgrace. It felt like a meeting in Libya or Cuba with a small dictator in charge.

They failed to even analyse three resolutions, just passed them with no info given to the public. The chairman claimed I misrepresented some facts about the $750,000 that was in the budget for 2010 for a fire truck and the money that was spent but not for a fire truck . He had completely missed the point and misrepresented some facts in his announcement after which he wouldn’t accept rebuttal comments. He failed to acknowledge the serious IMO overspending in 2010.

I suggested the Township Manager prepare summaries of the important topics like the poison in the private wells and the DEP giving free water to people with too much trichlorethelene and trichloroethane in the well water but no super addressed that issue.

Talk about stacking the deck.. It’s almost like a Little Havana right here in Northampton or a dictatorship that maybe should be called Moscow West with a re-incarnated Totalitarian-like Dictator in charge..

These people got to go and it can’t be soon enough.  

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