Some people gain wisdom as they age. Jimmie defied the odds and remained a bit of a goofy nutcase as he proved with his anti-American remarks. Jimmie who wore moth-eaten sweaters in the White House called Trump supporters racists. HERE. 

the American hostages were captured in Iran while moth-eaten Jimmie was President. The hostages were released when Ronald Reagan took office because the Iran’s perceived that America was “no longer under the command of someone weak.”

On November 4, 1979, Iranian students seized the embassy and detained more than 50 Americans, ranging from the Chargé d’Affaires to the most junior members of the staff, as hostages. The Iranians held the American diplomats hostage for 444 days. While the courage of the American hostages in Tehran and of their families at home reflected the best tradition of the Department of State, the Iran hostage crisis highlighted Jimmie’s inept foreign policy. The crisis dominated the headlines and news broadcasts and made the Administration look weak and ineffectual. Carter’s foreign policy team often seemed weak and vacillating. He ordered a raid by the American military to rescue the hostages. It failed as some of the equipment and aircraft failed in the sandy conditions in the sandy desert.
Kids in school know the desert is sandy. Why didn’t Jimmie?
The Left supported Jimmie and tried but failed to blame a lot of things even though Jimmie had 444 days to figure out how to rescue the hostages.
Ronald Reagan seemed to the Iraniand to be just the sort of cowboy American who would send a few nukes to kill Iranians to get the hostages back. He did it to Kadaffi a few years later so the Iranians were correct to go against President Reagan.

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