People hate to lose. We also hate being made to look foolish which is why poker players unwisely often go “all in” after losing a hand).
Take football: “Every single serious study of 4th-down decisions,” reports the New York Times football blog, “has found in most situations, teams would be better off by attempting to go for the first down rather than kicking.”

Yet despite consistent, undeniable mathematical evidence that coaches should go for it on 4th-down, they reliably punt on 4th-downs. As the Times noted,
“Professor David Romer, author of one of the definitive papers on the subject, theorized that coaches are worried more about job security than winning. If a coach goes for it and fails, it’s his fault. But if he punts and loses, well, that’s just football, and his players take the blame.”
You get the message of course. If you pick Trump and he loses, you get fired. It’s much safer to stick with the crowd and punt. the pollsters used “”FAKE NEWS”, bet against Trump and lost.

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