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Shoot The Whistleblower

Edward Snowden is an example of “Shoot the Messenger”, the idea that punishes the carrier of the message as though the messenger caused the problem by reporting it. The NSA, the IRS and thereby President...


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The Left Is Lying To You….

“Whether it is the fabricated dire consequences of so-called climate change, the myth of rampant white nationalism, the fabrication that this is a virulently racist nation, the fictitious wonders of socialism, the...



Biden Hires Food Taster For The White House

A LinkedIn job post asks applicants if they “want to join the front lines in the war against terror, but not a fan of guns?” Daily responsibilities are listed as “eating the finest foods and the occasional corn pops to ensure...


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Random Stuff to Think about

DON’T “JUST GET OVER IT”. Don’t accept the acts and rules that bother you as your “fate”. I ask you not to surrender. Even if you are all alone there is still right and wrong and wrong must not be tolerated. Never choose the lesser of two evils. Find a third way. If physical resistance is dangerous resist in your mind because your morality has survival value.