Ayn Rand held that people are mislead by altruism which calls for people to sacrifice themselves for society. PBS is based on collecting money from the people against their own self-interest who should support the government which in turn supports PBS. PBS published yet another article supporting Socialism and against Capitalism in the vain hope that Socialism will prevail. They use the trick of switching the ideals of the individual to the ideals of the collective and collective.

PBS found a PhD who had superficial knowledge of Ayn Rand, a PhD who would: promote Socialism; condemn Capitalism and support something that doesn’t exist, an altruist who is a capitalist. Ayn Rand clearly is against altruism as she was also against Mysticism and Collectivism. Atlas Shrugged is a book that seems to be too big for many people but in addition to Atlas, Fountainhead and Anthem, Rand wrote extensively on philosophy and developed her philosophy which she named Objectivism.
The PhD who wrote against Rand is like a child pulling the wings off flies.
This is what happens when people distort Ayn Rand’s ideas. they are forced to use examples that have little to do with Rand or with her philosophy Objectivism.

Rand’s periodicals, The Objectivist and The Ayn Rand Letter, include her expanded observations about politicians from John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan. She wrote trenchant essays on issues and events: the Vietnam War, the Apollo 11 moon flight, Woodstock and Watergate, papal encyclicals and Supreme Court decisions, environmentalism, the rise of the New Left, and books by B.F. Skinner and John Rawls, to mention a few which along with Dr. Leonard Peikoff, Yaron Brook and the Ayn Rand Institute are dedicated to explaining Rand, Objectivism and human life.

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