Fraud is a crime. Stephanopoulos is a 24 caret Fraud, a Phony and a fake. Since he now says it was a mistake, get the money back. Hillary and her Crime Family, as Rush calls them should give Stephie his money back.

We know and he knows it was not a mistake. Stephanopoulos engaged in Deception for his advantage; to secure unfair gain. He was posing as independent of the Clinton’s but he got caught this one time. He said it was a mistake. It was 15 years of deception. It was more than one mistake but it wasn’t a mistake, it was deliberate. Deliberate actions are not mistakes. Fifteen years worth of mistakes are not mistakes. He stole the trust more than Bernie Madoff and he’s in prison where Stephanopoulos and Hillary both belong because of their deceptions.

Fraud is a false representation of a fact. Stephanopoulos and the Clinton’s all misrepresented his continued support of the Clinton’s. He not only never stopped supporting them he recently gave them $75,000. He should be fired. He should quit. He should make amends to the American people and to the people of the world because that’s how huge his deception; his fraud is. He disgraced America and Greece, the land of some of his ancestors with his lying.

Stephanopoulos never left the Clinton’s in his mind. He’s still a Clinton Supporter and we will never know that breadth and depth of his deceptions.

His donations were deliberate. The deceptions were intentional, not mistakes.

What else did he do? He cannot be trusted ever again. It’s not a political thing, it’s a moral issue and he’s failed so enormously because he kept his support hidden for 15 years. That’s serial deception. He tricked millions of people by posing as neutral when he was massively biased.

He deceived more people than Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton did and their deceptions are not over. Hillary and Stephanopoulos both benefited from his loyalty to the Clinton’s. That’s like receiving stolen goods. They stole the trust of millions.

How much more deception will we uncover among Hillary, Stephanopoulos and Bill?

Remember it’s Hillary’s deception too. In fact from the record, Hillary is far more deceptive than either Stephie or Bill because she’s just keeps the truth hidden from people. It’s her nature. She is a serial deceiver. So is Bill and Stephanopoulos. These are seriously immoral people. They are frauds.

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