Being a pilot I tend to take the words of the pilot of the C-17  that was used to transport the bodies of Chris Stevens. Sean Smith, Glen Dougherty and Tyrone Woods after the 9/11 attack in Benghazi. He revealed the cell phones from the dead Americans were being used to contact other terrorists and terrorist leaders.

Retired USAF Major Ed Stahl said the ISAF based three flying hours away in Germany could have been flying over Benghazi in plenty of time to do something during the eight hours of attacks.

This is important because it’s so different than the official story that it was a  spontaneous mob. not a terror attack and that neither Obama not Hillary were guilty of anything and neither had any knowledge during the attack.

Even when then U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was lying to the world about the terrorist attack being the spontaneous result of a video, she knew.

Or, if she didn’t know she should have found out before she blatantly repeated the official lies.

Here’s another point. In the entire area around the Mediterranean there are hundreds of lethal attack aircraft that could have been used to help and/or to rescue the four dead Americans.

Malta, for example is 419 miles from Benghazi.

As long ago as 2007, Malta had Blackwater operational military assets under the control of the Commander in Chief.

“A European Parliament working document drawn up by Giovanni Claudio Fava has claimed “Malta is the operational base of Blackwater, the organiser of private military militia which are increasingly taking on more and more roles which used to be undertaken by US forces in Iraq and elsewhere”. 

Jerusalem, for crying out loud is only 893 miles from Benghazi. A fighter jet flying slow would be there in 35 minutes.

Athens is 456 miles away. 

There were plenty of American friendly military assets within a one hour range of fighter jets.

The plane Tom Cruise flew in Top Gun went Mach 2.34 which is a 1,700 mph aircraft that would cover the distance from Israel to Benghazi 1n 30 minutes and that’s a 1987 design. .

 How many aircraft carriers were there in the Mediterranean on that night? One would have been one more than necessary to return fire at the terrorists on September 11, 2012.

The inept response from the Obama / Hillary Administration during the Benghazi attack is stunning to study.

The cover-up must not be allowed to stand.



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